Wednesday, September 1, 2010

L.A. Colors haul (and a little WnW)

So here are a few things I bought on an afternoon stroll around my cute little town. First I went to Family Dollar which, if you haven't been to one, isn't an everythings-a-dollar store but everything is supposed to be at a discounted price. I had only been to this store once last Christmas because I wanted to see their cheapie Christmas decorations but I decided to see what kind of makeup section they have. I found out they carry mostly L.A. Colors!! I have never tried L.A. Colors before but I had read a lot about it over at Nouveau Cheap so I gave them a try and I am soo glad I did. On to the purchases...
L.A. Colors 5 metallic eye shadows in Darling, $1.50

I am amazed at the quality of this product. For someone who loves ELF so much you'd think I wouldn't be surprised to find good quality cheap makeup but I was totally shocked! These shadows are so soft and very pigmented. I love the combination of colors, it's so pretty. And they have the perfect amount of shimmer to them.
L.A. Colors 5 metallic eye shadows in Tease, $1.50

Okay how fun are these colors!? Yellow, Orange, Pink, Blue, and Green! For $1.50!! The colors are so shimmery and pretty! I bought these as a sad cheap replacement for some of the fun colors I lost in the coastal scents palette. If you don't go with bold colors on your eyes very often then this is the perfect palette for you because you don't have to waste money on expensive shadows you won't use all the time. But you'll still have the fun colors if you want to try a new look. I totally recommend this palette. I love these colors.
L.A. Colors Eye Shadow quad in Truffle, $1.00

I think this little palette is so cute! And the color combination is one of my favorites. I originally thought this was something I could toss in my purse and use it everyday to touch up my makeup, but the powder is so soft and not packed very tightly I can already tell it would completely shatter. It already chips a little when I'm opening the package, it's not very good packaging, but the product is great!

Okay so that was it for my first cosmetic haul from Family Dollar. Then I went to the grocery store and realized our little market has Wet n Wild products cheaper than my Walmart! Like what the heck!!?? So megalast nail polish and matte lipsticks are now purchased at the grocery store :)
Wet n Wild Megalast nail polish in Undercover, $1.99

This is the second of WnW's Megalast nail polish I have purchased. This is a neutral sort of pinky-purple. It's not quite as purple as it appears on my nail above. I actually find it to be a really subdued shade of purple. I love it. I tend to go for really bright nail color, so it's nice to have something different. The brush is actually thicker than any other nail polish I have used which is nice because I feel like it takes fewer strokes to cover the nail but it's harder to get the edges without getting it on my skin. I also noticed a lot of bubbles in the finished product on my nails. However, I do want to say that is not something I have experienced with my other shade of this product, so maybe I was just unlucky with the one I got.

Family Dollar brand claw-clip 6 pk, $1.00

I realize not everyone has a Family Dollar they could get these if they wanted but you can get them at any dollar store, grocery store, or drugstore. I find these to be really convenient for when you're doing your hair (straightening, curling, drying) so you can clip up the layers or your hair. I like that they are frosted instead of shiny, I just think it makes them look nicer. and for $1.00 I really could pass them up. They are good quality too, considering the price. They don't feel cheap at all.

Well that's all I got on this haul, but don't worry there is more to come. I definitely blew my August budget out of the water... oops! :) At least I had fun doing it, right?

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