Wednesday, April 13, 2016

DIY Glitter Tags Using Planner Stickers!

Hi there! I'm currently applying to participate on the Creative Team for one of my favorite planner sticker shops and as a part of that process I had to write up a sample blog post. I enjoyed it so much I figured why not actually post that sample post on my real blog! If you are as immersed in the planner and crafting world on Instagram like I am then this little DIY is just for you!
In this month's PopFizzPaper planner kit I received some full box stickers sized for the Happy Planner and the floral watercolors were so pretty I was thinking how cute one would be as a gift tag! The more I thought about it the more I realized making gift tags would be the perfect way to use up any extra full box sized stickers I wasn't going to use in my planner (like when 8 come on a sheet but you only have 7 days in the week, amiright!?) Today I’m going to show you how I DIYed some gift tags with that extra full box sticker and some supplies I bet you already have on hand!
Here’s what you’ll need!

Full box stickers, glitter paper, scissors, hole punch, & string!
Once you have selected your full box sticker apply it to the back side of the glitter paper. Avoid applying directly to the glitter side unless your paper is smooth since the sticker won’t adhere well to textured glitter!
Next cut out your desired shape around the sticker. You can use a tag you already have as a template to ensure your cuts are even!

Using your hole punch (I used a 1/8” punch) make the hole for the string. Make sure you don’t punch too close to the edge or the paper is more likely to rip once the string is tied.
Now you are ready to attach the string you’ve picked out. You could use ribbon, bakers twine, yarn- anything that can tie! Just make sure it is firmly in place so it doesn’t slip off!

You could stop there but if you like to get fancy (and don’t we all) you could try inking the edges for definition, using alphas to personalize, or by adding die cuts, puffy stickers, or enamel dots for a 3D effect!

Now you’re done! You have a unique tag to tie onto any gift or project and no reason to let that oddball full box sticker float around in your collection any longer! This is also a great way to clear out those bits of string and scraps of paper we are all holding on to because us crafting ladies can’t seem to throw ANYTHING away!
I hope you enjoyed this simple DIY! 
Do you have a go-to project you find yourself making time and time again when you have extra scraps and supplies to use up? Let me know in the comments- I’d love to have a few more up my sleeve!