Wednesday, July 30, 2014

July 2014 Ipsy bag! Pixi, bareMinerals, Pur-lisse, Model's Own & more!

This month marks one year for my Ipsy subscription! I can happily say I'm still as excited about it today as I was with my first bag and I think the products are getting better each month!

Here's what came this month...

I was so excited to see this bright pink bag! It is very soft, like leather. The scalloped detail on the edges is totally cute and feminine. And I love the large square size as it will allow for greater storage when re-purposing the bag!

Ipsy is a $10/month subscription service (with free shipping)! You take a quiz upon joining to determine your beauty profile which is a factor in the products you receive each month! Then after receiving each bag you can go on and review the items (and receive points towards free stuff) which continues to shape what you'll receive in your future bags. I have found it to be a great way to try products that are often new to the market but almost always new to me that I wouldn't have otherwise purchased or had the chance to try!

This month was no exception...

(full size retails for $55.00 // value of this sample is $16.17)

This seems like a lightweight moisturizer with a very light sunscreen scent to it. I have used it a few times and have been pleased with the results. It says it is for normal to dry skin. I have oily acne prone skin so I'm going to watch carefully for new breakouts. I will discontinue use if I find it to be too oily for my skin.

(full size retails for $8.00 // this bottle is full size)

I painted my nails with this color the day after receiving the bag. I've always been intrigued by this U.K. brand and was ecstatic to finally try it. I don't know if all of their polishes are of such poor quality but this one was terrible! It was thick, goopy, and very hard to work with. I couldn't stand to have it on my nails for longer than a day or two.

(full size retails for $35.00 // value of this sample is $9.45)

I was pretty excited to see this in my bag. I'd never heard of it before but since it is just a spot treatment and you only have to use the tiniest amount I think it will actually last long enough for me to get a good idea of whether or not it is working. Skincare samples, like washes or serums, are frequently too small to get enough uses to the point of knowing if it really works so I always appreciate when the samples are large enough to really form an opinion about it! I have used this a few times already and am already thrilled that it isn't one of those acne treatments that dries out your skin leaving it cracked and flaky. Something I found interesting about it is that it is a liquid, not a gel or cream which is most common in spot treatments. I'm going to continue using it to see if it can really help with my breakouts!

bareMinerals 5-in-1 BB Advanced Performance Cream Eyeshadow Broad Spectrum SPF 15 in shade Soft Shell
(full size retails for $18.00 // don't have exact size of sample but full size is only 0.10 fl oz. I'd guess this sample is at least $3.00)

I've been using this product almost everyday since getting my ipsy bag. I just apply mine like a primer and put eyeshadow over it. They make other shades that can be worn on their own but this just blends into my skin so it would just look like I wasn't wearing eyeshadow. I'm really excited about this product. It blends nicely almost into a light powdery feeling. It holds my shadows on well too! It also has spf in it! I never think about my eyelids needing sunscreen but as long as I'm using this they will! I would love to buy a full size some day but I can't imagine I ever would because of the price.

Pixi Beauty Mini Tinted Brilliance Balm in Unique Pink
(full size retails for $14.00 // this value of this sample is $8.40)

I was more excited about this when I first opened the bag than I am now. Although it has a nice minty smell and is a smooth balm the shade I received is hardly tinted. I don't see any color on my lips or swatched on my hand. Maybe I'll keep it in my purse if I don't have any other lip balm but I would have preferred to get a darker pink shade that would actually show up when applied.

Overall, I'm really excited about this month's bag. The actual bag is totally adorable. I like the moisturizer, cream eyeshadow, and spot treatment. I don't mind the balm though I'd have preferred a different color. The only one I didn't like was the nail polish!

The retail value of the products in the bag (not counting the value of the bag itself) is $45.02!
And need I remind you I only paid $10 :) Monthly subscriptions are so fun.


Friday, July 11, 2014

WalMart Beauty Haul! (Skincare, Haircare, Nails, & more!)

My husband and I stopped at WalMart after going out for dinner because I needed to buy some tampons. We like to be very sarcastic and joke with each other so while parking the car we were joking about something and I said to my husband "Why don't you just stay in the car!?" The car stops, I get out, and realize he is still in the car. "Haha, very funny." I think. "He'll get out of the car now." I say to myself. "He'll come walking in behind me."
"He really stayed in the car!" Psshh! "Oh no he didn't!" 

So I thought to myself "I'll teach him to let me go in the store alone!" So I picked up my tampons... and two things of dry shampoo, some toner, and lip balm, nail polish remover, and more! Bahaha! 
I thought I was so funny.

(I did buy him one of those $1 boxes of movie theater candy for sitting in the car while I wandered through the store.)

 He actually did find it funny when I walked out with my bag full of stuff.

Now I want to share that bag full of stuff with you 
(Minus the tampons... 'cuz they're just tampons, what more is there to say...)

Simple Soothing Facial Toner, $5.97

I have been in need of a facial toner for some time now after running out of my huge bottle of Mario Badescu Seaweed Cleansing toner. I had seen this talked about in YouTube videos but have had such bad experiences with drugstore toners in the past (too much alcohol making it over-drying) so I've been hesitant to try it. Something I'd never noticed until today was that it says "100% Alcohol free" which instantly made it better than all the other toner options on the shelf. So into my cart it went!

I used it for the first time and it had zero scent (no fragrance, very good!). It also made my skin feel softer and smoother than it was before. It didn't burn or tingle nor did my skin feel dry at all!! It actually reminds me so much of my {over-priced} Mario Badescu toner I'd used for so long (but for a quarter of the price)!

Hopefully my first impression lasts because I would love to find an affordable drugstore toner that is actually good! I'll keep you posted...

Not Your Mother's Clean Freak Refreshing Dry Shampoo, $4.74

I have used two kinds of dry shampoo: the uuber affordable and citrus scented Suave dry shampoo and the very popular Tresemme Fresh Start dry shampoo. I was adequately pleased with both of them but ready to try something new! I didn't have any at home so I decided to pick this up on recommendation from my sister in law. I already love this brand so much so I didn't hesitate at all when I saw this at my Walmart.

Hopefully it lives up to my expectations!

got2b Rockin' it 4ever stylestay encore fresh dry shampoo, $3.97

Can we discuss how long the name of this is? I mean I'm assuming that is all part of its name... I don't even know... but it just goes on and on lol. This is another hair care brand I have tried several times over the years so I picked it up as well... because why only have one of something at a time when you can buy two. LOL Really it was a little impulsive of me but I wanted to be able to try out both and see which is better.
I didn't do it for me, it was for you! ...does that excuse work? :)

got2b POWDER'ful Volumizing Styling Powder, $3.97

I have heard of these volumizing powders before but never tried one. I saw this video on YouTube of MissGlamorazzi showing how she is styling her new shorter hair style and she uses like a million products but she makes it look so easy and her hair turns out amazing and basically I want to be her... so I'm starting with a volumizing powder :) 
This isn't even the same brand she used but it is cheaper and that's how I roll! I have no idea what to expect from this or if I'll actually be able to make it work in my hair!

EOS Lip Balm in Strawberry Sorbet, $2.97

I have used several of these over the years but haven't had one in quite a while. My WalMart recently put up a huge display and I've been looking at it every week when I do my grocery shopping and finally had to pick one up! I've never tried this scent before so I scooped it right up!

As expected it smells amazing! And as always, these feel amazing on the lips. If you've never tried one before you must get out from under that rock you've been hiding under and GO GET ONE! Right now!

Can you tell I like them? Just a little :) I mean they are the funnest shaped lip balm ever.

elf Nail Polish Remover Pads, $2.00

I have always been curious about nail polish remover pads but never wanted to take the plunge since I have a bottle of remover and my own cotton rounds so why waste the money on some pre-soaked pads, right!? But I go up to my parents on the weekends a few times a month and I get tired of dragging along a full bottle of remover (which has leaked on me many a time & is so annoying). Hence this purchase!

For $2.00, even if they suck I'll at least know and will stop wondering! I tried one out and it worked pretty well actually (and on red polish which tends to be stubborn)! I did notice it made my fingertips dry out a bit but anything with acetone tends to do that.

And there you have it. 
Those are the new beauty items from my revenge bag full of stuff from Walmart :)


Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Yard Sale Haul & DIY {Before & After}

I'm very excited to share not only a haul of items I picked up from numerous yard sales I visited one Saturday but I'm also going to show you the DIY projects I did with some of them and how they are all currently being used in my house!

I set out on my yard sale adventure with zero expectation to find anything but I ended up driving all over the county and had a total blast! When I visit yard sales and thrift stores the two things I find myself purchasing most are frames and glass items (jars, vases, bowls, etc.) and this trip was no exception!

Here is a before shot of everything I purchased!

Here's the rundown...
3 small intricate frames $1.00
1 bundle of ivory lace $1.00
15 half sheets patterned scrapbook paper $0.75
1 fabric stitch in wood frame $0.50
1 decorative glass bowl $0.50
1 glass atlas mason jar $0.50
1 large glass jar with lid $0.50
1 small glass jar with lid & buckle $1.00

And without further adieu... the after photos :)

First up, the frames!

I couldn't resist the intricate design of these frames. Even though the frames themselves are so small I had to pick them up anyways! I love how they turned out once I spray painted them!

When I was working on the items from the yard sales I also completed a few other projects I had lying around. I rearranged a gallery wall I have in my kitchen and was able to take a few things from there combined with my yard sale frames, and some newly painted items to create this grouping on a blank wall in my makeup room!

And as you can see I added the lace to some of the frames! I love the pattern of this lace! I just cut it and some kraft paper to fit the frame and put it in behind the glass! I took the mirror and medium sized ivory frame from the gallery wall in my kitchen, spray painted the large frame green, and the stars (which had been awful silver and black when I got them) gold at the same time I painted the small frames!

I am so pleased how this turned out! I love the arrangement, contrast of colors, and the lace!

Next up, the scrapbook paper.

I spray painted these two frames (from Walmart for $1.00 each) and cut out squares from two different patterned sheets of paper. I love how the aqua looks with the ivory and gold. I placed these on some built in shelves in my makeup room. So cute, right?

I finally have my rustic milky pastel painted mason jar!

And it didn't cost me the $15 or $20 they charge online. Nope! $0.50 for the jar, and old sponge brush, and some bottles of ivory and bright blue paint I already had on hand that I mixed together to get this shade! I love it! I'm thinking of possibly distressing it more because I want some of the paint to chip but otherwise I'm absolutely thrilled with how this turned out!

Since this was only painted on the outside I can actually put water in the jar which means I can use this as an adorable flower vase! I can't wait to get some fresh flowers in there!

I'm using a few of the glass items in my guest room...

This wood dresser was empty and screaming for something on top. With the help of the glass bowl and the glass jar with buckle (which I've filled with some lace scraps from the frame project) I pulled out some old books, a few glass soda bottles, and a wood plaque I got from Walmart a few years ago. I love how these items look together. I think there is a nice contrast between the really fancy bowl & lace and the old books and soda bottles.

Something I'm really looking forward to it the potential for using that glass jar as storage. I didn't have a need for it in my home right now which is why I chose to incorporate it as decor in my guest room but the lid and buckle are in great condition and make this jar great for storing small items!

These next two items I didn't do anything especially creative with them but I still wanted to show you where I'm using them in my home.

First, the large glass jar with lid...

This, like the small buckle jar, makes a great storage piece that can be both pretty & functional. I almost always have a small bag of gold potatoes sitting out on my counter. After washing out this jar and looking around my house I honestly couldn't stop thinking about that ugly bag of potatoes! With my luck, they all fit in the jar and I was able to throw out the bag! I don't think I'll always keep potatoes in here but it is working great now and when they run out, perhaps I'll move it somewhere else in the house. Who knows! 
(Isn't organization the best? It never has to stay the same!)

The last item I have to show you is the Love sign I got for $0.50!

I've placed this in a glass front cabinet in my family room. I like how it contrasts with the rough wood piece next to it and the decorative glass vase. I really want to paint these wood cabinets an ivory color and then distress them so the brown wood shows through. Even then I think this small sign will look great!

And there you have it! That is my latest yard sale adventure. I honestly think the most fun part was going to the yard sales all morning one Saturday and then the DIY projects afterwards! Plus, what store can you go to and find unique items for DIRT CHEAP!?! Oh that's right, you can't (well unless we're talking thrift store)! So my advice for you? (Because I'm giving advice now....)

Save some time for yourself this Saturday morning to go yard sale hunting!
Pick up some great new (to you) items and get those easy, creative, diy projects going in your own home!