Thursday, June 23, 2011

Review {and pictures}: John Frieda Precision Foam Colour in Dark Golden Blonde

Hey ladies!
I used the John Frieda hair dye I hauled here
I didn't get a picture of me using it because well, I was using it!
I can't very well take pictures when my hands are covered in hair dye
Plus I had no time to stop and pause.
I have thick long hair and it takes a while to get the dye all through my hair.
The few times I have dyed my hair, that's been my biggest problem... getting it all through my hair in a timely manner. The instructions say to leave it on for maximum of 30 minutes but it takes me 30 minutes alone to get the dye through my hair and it makes me nervous leaving it in for another 30 minutes because then the first sections that got the dye have had twice the time to process.
I don't know. Really I should leave these things to a professional, when will I learn?!

I will say that if I dye my own hair again, I will definitely be getting the foam kind. This stuff was awesome. It was much easier to work through my hair and I got a much more even coverage. I don't have any patches that didn't get color. The previous times I colored my hair I would get patches in the middle of hair that didn't get dye. I also had a hard time around the roots and ended up with weird lines along my roots. I did not experience that this time.

Here are some before and after pictures {the before is silly but it showed my hair color the best}

I'm really pleased with the color. I think it turned out spot on to the color on the box. It's darker than I expected but it is a pretty color.

What you can't see in the picture is that my roots are much darker and have a reddish purple tinge to them. I believe this happened because the color was on them too long. I started with my roots like the instructions said and the dye was probably on them for close to an hour. It's unfortunate and I kind of wish I hadn't dyed it so that didn't happen to my roots but at least it's not my whole head and it isn't super noticeable. Plus, it's just hair. If I had shorter hair when I did this I would have been able to get the dye through quicker and wouldn't have ended up with a funky color I'm sure.

Compared to past hair coloring adventures, this one definitely went the best. The application was much easier. The color was accurate (other than my roots, but that was my fault).
Overall, I'm pleased!

p.s. the dye retails for approx. $12.00 each {at least at my Walmart}



  1. thanks for the review--this is on my head right now! I've been hearing people complain that it turns out brown, but it looks beautiful on you--dark blonde, just like the box says.

    1. Thanks! I hope you liked it on yourself too! :)

  2. it s nice but you look much better in blonde, the before picture.

    1. I did really like blonde but it was too much lighter than my natural color and too hard to keep up with! Thanks for reading!

  3. I want to try this. My hair is the color of your before picture right now. Do you still use the John Freida dark golden blonde dye in your hair?