Sunday, June 26, 2011

My green thumb

Once upon a time Adam&I don't often open our bedroom curtains because the windows aren't very nice and neither is the view out of the window.
The other day I did.
What did I find?

Meet our little baby plant

I'm not entirely sure how something like this happens.
But there it is, just agrowin'
You know how some people say they are so good at something they could do it in there sleep?
I'm growing a garden in my sleep, literally. Without doing a thing.
Poor little guy, I wonder when I will break it to him that I'm moving...

All joking aside, this is like reason #2938498237 Adam&I decided it was time to get our own place. No more renting from landlords who really don't care and are just looking for a check each month. No more plants growing through the windows. No more careless landlords flooding my bedroom and not doing anything about it. No more landlords not checking their mail and getting all my mail sent back. No more yappy dogs, 20 stray cats, screaming babies, stomping feet, broken windows, shut off water, landlords skipping town.

Gah I'm so excited!

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