Tuesday, June 7, 2011

I don't want to look for a quote I just want to scream WE ARE BUYING A HOUSE!!

My most recent posts have hinted that Adam and I want to buy a house!
I hadn't told my parents yet and couldn't let them find out on my blog.
But now that all the mothers know I can officially say

Adam and I are buying a house!

There is this website and for a year we have stalked this website looking at all the houses in our county.
Not always with the intent to buy but just to keep up with the houses for sale, learn what we want, what we don't want, where we want, and how much we want etc.

[ex.] every time I go to that website I search 2+ bathrooms, 0.50+ acre, 1,500+ square feet, and cap off the prices at $110,000.

I knew those were my requirements and everything else could vary.
We were interested in a particular house a few blocks away from where Adam grew up and called our realtor {we have worked with in the past} to go do a walk through. Unfortunately, it was already under contract. so sad.
Luckily for us, our realtor had two other houses in mind to show us.

First house?
5 bedroom, 2 bathrooms, .23 acre, 2200 square feet, $98,900
The house was built in 1976. I have come to learn that houses built in 1900 {i.e. the super old ones} are often times in better shape because someone has recently remodeled them. The house built 40 years ago? Still look like its 40 years ago. We weren't too interested in the house. We don't mind putting some work into the house but I don't want to remodel two bathrooms before I even like my house. You know what I mean? Plus, the yard was half the size what we wanted.

The second house she wanted to take us to was one we had seen listed online but didn't think twice about it because of {a} the super low price {b} it's bank owned {c} they did not have any pictures of the inside [which if you ask me means awful, horrible, ugly, nightmare]. We didn't have anything else going on that night and agreed to go walk through the house. If you haven't guessed it yet, that's that one we put an offer on.

the house
5 bedroom {but one is super small and i'm going to make it into my closet. if you think i'm kidding, i'm not} 2 bathrooms, .53 acre, 1,700+ square feet {bank did really bad job estimating square footage}
I'm not going to say the asking price of the house because I plan to show pictures and I want you think it cost a million bucks ;) {but really I'm not being too deceptive since I said above where we capped off our house budget}

We put in an offer on the house May 27. The seller had until June 1 to respond. On May 31 we found out someone else put in an offer on the house at the same time. We re-submitted "our best offer" blabla sneaky seller blabla boring stuff on May 31 and still gave them only until June 1 at 5:00pm to respond. If we didn't hear anything by 5:00pm it meant they were going with the other offer. June 1 was a really long and nail biting day. By that evening we had not heard anything and our realtor had been unable to reach the seller. From June 1 to June 3 we were a step above devastated. It was such a cute house with everything we wanted and a stellar price and we just felt like someone else was going to get every house we wanted {this same thing happened last year with a house we put an offer on} But as luck would have it, the night of June 3 we got a call from our realtor and the seller had gone with our offer just failed to get back us in time.

The rest of that weekend was spent planning, dreaming, designing, giggling, driving past the house a million times, etc. Even though we know there is still so much to do before it is really ours, we were just so excited we couldn't help ourselves! Anyways, our lender and realtor both think we will be closed before the end of this month!

By Fourth of July we could be BBQing in our very own backyard!
This is such an exciting time in our life and we are so head over heels house crazy right now.
All I can think about are cabinets, paint colors, decor, furniture arrangement. I'm lacking in every other area I need to set my mind to.

If anyone has an expert advice on anything home buying, home moving, home decorating related, please feel free to let me know. I am very much at novice at all of this and while it should be overwhelming, I don't think I have quite grasped it all and I'm just in
La La excitementLand.

Get me talking about something I am excited for and I could go forever!

I will keep updating as things progress. I hope to take pictures this week when we go in for the home inspection!
Until then, keep your fingers crossed that everything continues to go so well!!


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