Monday, June 20, 2011

House Blog: The Kitchen

The biggest thing that would need to be done in this house we are buying would be re-doing the kitchen. There is only half a kitchen worth of cabinets, the sink has some issues {and is super ugly}, and the paint on the walls is awful. The cabinets that are there aren't put together very well and don't match so we decided if we move into this place we will just re-do the whole kitchen.
The kitchen is very small and doesn't have a whole lot of natural light coming in so my goal is to lighten up the whole room and make it appear larger and more open.
I love bead board and am really drawn to white bead board cabinets.
My favorite so far are ones from Ikea and on their website they have a kitchen design program where you can put together your whole kitchen with actual products from them so I was able to realistically design the kitchen we want for the space we would have.
I took some screen shots of the finished product.

Floor Plan

This is the view from the front door looking into the kitchen

This is the view from the opposite end of the kitchen looking at the front door

It's a long narrow kitchen with three doorways which makes placement of appliances and cabinets really difficult. In my novice opinion, I think this looks pretty good. The husband and I are going to go to Ikea and have someone there give us their opinion about whether or not they think this set up would work.

The only thought I'm not loving? Putting together a whole kitchen worth of cabinets. The only thing I have ever put together was my vanity chair and all the screws came out that hold the seat part to the legs. Yeah ridiculous.

Thanks goodness for husbands.

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