Saturday, April 28, 2012

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Things I love: Thrift Store

Within the last few months I have fallen in love with going to my local thrift stores on the weekends. There are two where I live and I love finding home d├ęcor and knick knacks to decorate my house with. I thought I would show you some of the things I purchased over the last few months.

I'm really into the look of painted vases, I'm envisioning quite the diy with this thing.

Small red stoneware bowl. Probably equal in size to a one cup measuring cup. I bought it as a decoration in my glass front kitchen cabinet. It can also be used for cooking or serving a dip. It was only $0.50!

Okay, seriously?! How cute are the stars on these jars?! I thought it was so unique. I haven't decided where I will keep this in the house but I want to paint them or something! I've very excited.

Really unique wood piece. I'm planning to buy a large candle to put in it, tall enough to be seen over the top of the holder.

I absolutely love this dish. I think it is so adorable. I keep my most worn stud earrings in it sitting on my vanity. I think it is actually a soap dish, but it is far too cute to hold soap!

Vase I use for my makeup brushes. It's the perfect size and really pretty. I love the detail along the top rim.

I have always wanted a pretty plate to keep my perfumes on. This plate was only $1.00 maybe $2.00. It is so pretty.

Okay... confession. This didn't come from a thrift store. It came from Forever 21. But it was only $2.00 and I bought it the same day I went thrifting for things to decorate my beauty room. Annnd I took the pictures for this post without remembering it didn't come from a thrift store until now. But it is so cute, huh?! I don't know what I will store in it... but it would still be cute just sitting on a shelf!

When I bought this mirror it was an awful tacky gold color. So I bought a can of ivory spray paint and voila! It has inspired me to create a collage of mirrors, frames, and pictures in my beauty room. I'm so excited for the finished product.

Another mirror I did the same thing with!

I have this big mug on display in my glass front kitchen cabinet. I think it is so cute!

Vanilla scented candles. I didn't actually know these were candles when I bought them. I just loved the tins. I have these in my family room.

You might think I'm crazy for buying these. I don't know why I love them so much, but I do. I have them in my curio cabinet in my family room and I love them! I love knick knacks and I think this trio is perfect.

I had no idea what kind of picture belongs in a frame like this but it was too cute to pass up. My mom was over and suggested this picture I had from an old scrapbooking kit. I cute it to size and actually love how it looks. Not sure it fits the words on the frame but come on... what would make sense here? 

I think this used to have a candle in it but I love the label and the lid. Its empty now but I can't wait to have something in it... I don't know what that will be but I think the jar is so cute.

Well anyways, that's all for now. I hope you enjoyed seeing the things I have purchased. I don't think I even spent $15.00 on all of this. I really encourage you to check out your local thrift stores. You can find some really fabulous unique pieces at super low prices! A thrift store is like my dream come true!