Saturday, March 31, 2012

Non-Acetone Remover by Nailtiques

Hey there,
I was watching this video and decided to check out I had never heard of them before but I wanted to check out the nail polish remover shown in that video.

On their website it says

"Nailtiques Non-Acetone Remover is a gentle formula on both nails and skin that effectively removes all traces of nail protein and nail polish. Nourishing ingredients include aloe vera and conditioners to prevent dry cuticles and brittle nails."

The bottle is 6 oz and costs $8.00. You get free shipping on certain products from their website and this is one of them which basically had me sold (who likes paying for shipping, right?) but for some reason you have to buy two bottles. I'm not sure why this is... but I went for it anyways.

Why was I so anxious to try this nail polish remover? I've been using a pure acetone remover for quite some time and while removing my polish quickly it also leaves my nails and fingertips extremely and uncomfortably dry. I always follow with a generous amount of hand cream but still... doing that to your nails several times a week just can't be healthy. As a result, I've been in the market for something that will remove my polish without being so harsh.

The free shipping took 6 days from the date I ordered to the date it arrived at my door. Let's take a look...

When I first opened the box

SAMPLES! I didn't even know there were going to be samples! I love samples!

Two, one time use, samples. Cleansing oil and a moisturizer. Haven't used them yet, but they sound interesting. I've never used a cleansing oil before. I'm intrigued.

Under the samples and tissue paper.

The nail polish remover. The bottles are a good size. I compared them to my Walmart brand nail polish remover and they are the same size.

The video I mentioned earlier had a coupon code for a free makeup bag/clutch. No minimum purchase. Here's the code if you want to use it: MyLikesNguerriero19

Black satin-like fold over clutch with some basic ruffles

It's a fold over clutch. Here is what it looks like as you're unfolding it.

The inside is a really pretty deep purple. There is a nice magnetic snap closure. The clutch is pretty good sized and can hold quite a bit. It isn't the most glamorous clutch but for being free, I'm pretty impressed. I don't know if I will use this as an actual clutch or as a travel makeup bag but either way, I'm glad I found the code ;)

I tried the polish on two nails (Having just painted my nails last night, I didn't want to take off the whole manicure). It doesn't remove the color as quickly as pure acetone, obviously, but I also noticed it didn't dry out my nail or finger whatsoever. Thank goodness! We will see how it does when I have a glitter nail polish on. I might need to cut back on the glitter polish so I can use my pure acetone to remove it. We will see, maybe the nailtiques will surprise me and stand up to the job.

As far as the website goes, I suggest checking it out. They have bonuses you can add to your purchase depending on the amount you spend. They have a wide variety of products (skin care, cosmetics, hair care, hair care, fragrance, tools, etc) and seem to be on the higher end spectrum of things. I will say that I could not find any kind of sale section which was a little disappointing but alas, not every website will sell me things dirt cheap. Eventually you just have to pay full price... NAH.

Hope your having a lovely day.