Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Review: ONYX Professional 100% Pure Acetone

Hey ladies!
I wanted to give you guys my thoughts on this nail polish remover I have been using almost two months. I hauled it here.

ONYX Professional 100% Pure Acetone

100% pure acetone is so amazing for removing nail polish. I absolutely love it. This is the only brand I have used so I can't compare it to anything else but compared to regular polish remover, it's fantastic. It makes even chunky glitter polish come off in seconds!

You stick your nail in here

Hold it for a few seconds and then rub your nail on the bristles.
The polish is gone like that {implying it's super fast!}

Something to be careful of?
Acetone is really drying to your skin. I don't have sensitive skin so if you do, proceed with caution. If your skin doesn't get irritated easily and you want to try this out then you are going to need a good lotion near by.
Each time I have taken my nail polish off I have used

Burt's Bees Almond Milk Beeswax Hand Creme
{as you can tell, it's almost gone!}

I use this between each nail polish removal. I stick my nail in the acetone and once the polish is off I immediately moisturize that finger. I haven't experienced any overdrying. My cuticles are fine. Nothing is peeling or cracked. It takes another second but it's really worth it. I really wouldn't use the acetone without a really good moisturizer.

I 100% recommend this 100% acetone (hahah I'm so clever)


Monday, June 27, 2011

First Impressions: Suave Professionals Vibrant Shine spray

Okay ladies, I want to share my first impressions of this spray that I showed in a haul here

Suave Professionals Vibrant Shine spray

As you can tell in the picture above, this spray is sparkly.
I bought (well I had a coupon to get it free so I didn't have to buy it but you know what I mean) a bottle of sparkly water that smells like fruity cotton candy. I feel that I have been misled.
I have used this I think twice and it has seriously done nothing for my hair
The scent is super strong. It's similar to the Suave Dry Shampoo but MUCH sweeter almost sickly sweet.

Fragrance aside, I really noticed no difference to my hair.
I'm pretty disappointed though. The dry shampoo from this line is so awesome, I thought the shine spray would also do well, but I'm not in love. I will keep using it and hopefully this sparkly water will do me some good... I will let you know if I find a purpose for it.

So Far?!


Sunday, June 26, 2011

My green thumb

Once upon a time Adam&I don't often open our bedroom curtains because the windows aren't very nice and neither is the view out of the window.
The other day I did.
What did I find?

Meet our little baby plant

I'm not entirely sure how something like this happens.
But there it is, just agrowin'
You know how some people say they are so good at something they could do it in there sleep?
I'm growing a garden in my sleep, literally. Without doing a thing.
Poor little guy, I wonder when I will break it to him that I'm moving...

All joking aside, this is like reason #2938498237 Adam&I decided it was time to get our own place. No more renting from landlords who really don't care and are just looking for a check each month. No more plants growing through the windows. No more careless landlords flooding my bedroom and not doing anything about it. No more landlords not checking their mail and getting all my mail sent back. No more yappy dogs, 20 stray cats, screaming babies, stomping feet, broken windows, shut off water, landlords skipping town.

Gah I'm so excited!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

First Impressions: Pond's Wet Cleansing Towelettes in Evening Soothe

One of the things I struggle with most is finding face wipes I love. I don't know if I'm overly picky or if I just pick out the worst kinds, but I have terrible luck.
In my last haul I purchased these makeup wipes from Walmart

Pond's Wet Cleansing Towelettes in Evening Soothe (Chamomile and White Tea)

I really should have known better than to purchase this. When I research and read all the packages I don't like the wipes I buy so what made me think I would like the first ones I picked up? Terrible idea. I have used these wipes three times and each time has been worse than the one before.

The worst thing?
The scent
They smell SO strong. It's stinky and old lady scented and the fragrance is so strong I have to breathe out of my mouth because the smell is awful. I really don't think I will make it much longer with these. I can't even imagine how awful they are for skin. So.Much.Fragrance.  gross

The second worst thing?
They don't work.
They claim to remove waterproof mascara. They don't even remove regular mascara. fail

I don't blame the wipes for me not liking them. They never stood a chance. I really shouldn't impulse buy makeup wipes. I'm too picky. I just want something fragrance and alcohol free that removes my makeup.

I haven't used the Morning Fresh Citrus and Cucumber ones yet but I expect they will be the same.

All in all?


Friday, June 24, 2011

House Blog: My makeup room

Found picture here
I plan to turn our smallest bedroom into a closet/powder room/makeup room etc
This picture is everything I want my room to be
I realize this is craft room
But you could totally make this a vanity/makeup room

Gahh, I'm in love!

NOTD: Summer Nails!

Hey ladies!

The other night I decided to do a fun girly over the top summer inspired manicure on my nails.
I used the Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure in Yellow Kitty. I really don't like that nail polish, by the way. I had to do 4 coats before it was opaque. Do you know how long it takes FOUR COATS TO DRY?! Forever. Then I put on lots of little nail stickers. On my ring fingers I put WnW Wild Shine in Sparked.

I'm not the greatest or the most creative when it comes to painting my nails, but this was a fun manicure to give myself.

Hope you enjoyed!


Thursday, June 23, 2011

Oh hey...

I dyed my hair!

I was this color

I was aiming for this color

I ended up with this color

Well that's all!

Review {and pictures}: John Frieda Precision Foam Colour in Dark Golden Blonde

Hey ladies!
I used the John Frieda hair dye I hauled here
I didn't get a picture of me using it because well, I was using it!
I can't very well take pictures when my hands are covered in hair dye
Plus I had no time to stop and pause.
I have thick long hair and it takes a while to get the dye all through my hair.
The few times I have dyed my hair, that's been my biggest problem... getting it all through my hair in a timely manner. The instructions say to leave it on for maximum of 30 minutes but it takes me 30 minutes alone to get the dye through my hair and it makes me nervous leaving it in for another 30 minutes because then the first sections that got the dye have had twice the time to process.
I don't know. Really I should leave these things to a professional, when will I learn?!

I will say that if I dye my own hair again, I will definitely be getting the foam kind. This stuff was awesome. It was much easier to work through my hair and I got a much more even coverage. I don't have any patches that didn't get color. The previous times I colored my hair I would get patches in the middle of hair that didn't get dye. I also had a hard time around the roots and ended up with weird lines along my roots. I did not experience that this time.

Here are some before and after pictures {the before is silly but it showed my hair color the best}

I'm really pleased with the color. I think it turned out spot on to the color on the box. It's darker than I expected but it is a pretty color.

What you can't see in the picture is that my roots are much darker and have a reddish purple tinge to them. I believe this happened because the color was on them too long. I started with my roots like the instructions said and the dye was probably on them for close to an hour. It's unfortunate and I kind of wish I hadn't dyed it so that didn't happen to my roots but at least it's not my whole head and it isn't super noticeable. Plus, it's just hair. If I had shorter hair when I did this I would have been able to get the dye through quicker and wouldn't have ended up with a funky color I'm sure.

Compared to past hair coloring adventures, this one definitely went the best. The application was much easier. The color was accurate (other than my roots, but that was my fault).
Overall, I'm pleased!

p.s. the dye retails for approx. $12.00 each {at least at my Walmart}


things cat people do

night before last i woke up at 3:00 in the morning because i was really uncomfortable
i realized i was so uncomfortable because there was a cat down at my feet
{which is why i never let them sleep in the bedroom}
i sat up to move whichever one of those trouble makers was taking up my side of the bed
{of course they never sleep at adam's feet}
and realized there wasn't just 1 kitten but both of them were down there sleeping
suddenly this annoyance became SO cute
i woke up adam and at 3 in the morning we sat there petting the cats and talking about how cute they are and then, like any crazy cat people, a picture was taken

lets be serious
they were cuddling in their sleep
at my feet
shutthefrontdoor that's so cute


Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Mini Walmart Haul {mostly hair products}

I ran out of quite a few things for my hair all at once and needed to make a few purchases. Here is what I ended up with....

Aussie Cleanse and Mend Conditioner, $4.84
I rarely re-purchase the same shampoo and conditioner. I was in no mood to be shopping this afternoon when I was so I just picked up the first thing that stood out to me. I wasn't in need to shampoo yet so I only purchased the conditioner. If I decide I like it, I will probably get the shampoo. I feel like I am going to have this bottle forever, it's so huge!

John Frieda Precision Foam Colour in Dark Golden Blonde, $11.97 each

Ever since I moved to this small town I have had such a hard time with my hair. Bad hair cuts, average color jobs, over priced average hair cuts, etc. I find myself going 6 months to a year between hair cuts because I bounce from salon to salon trying to find someone I like to do my hair. Then I spend most of the year with overgrown hair and glaringly obvious roots. It's a vicious cycle. I decided even though my hair is ridiculously too long right now, I'm going to put off the hair dresser and take care of the color issues myself and get my color closer to my natural shade so there isn't so much upkeep when I don't have anyone to do the upkeeping.
I have a whole lot of hair on this head of mine and struggle with coloring every hair on my head. I went with a foam formula because the commercials make it look so much easier to apply all through the hair. {Isn't that always the case?!} I will definitely take some before and after pictures and let you know what I think of this whole foam craze. 

Suave Professionals Vibrant Shine spray with light mineral bursts, $2.74 (FREE w/ coupon)

I had a coupon for a free styling product from Suave's new professionals line. I really had no clue what to get and decided to grab this shine spray because I have never used a shine spray before. It wasn't until I got home that I was able to figure out what Light Mineral Bursts are. The spray has fine shimmer in it, which is silly, but I believe that's what they are referring to.

Goody Ouchless hair ties in Java Bean, $3.74

How hilarious is it that even the hair ties have a color name. I found it so amusing. I always seem to lose my elastics like no ones business. I was down to my last elastic when it broke and I had to tie the two ends together and use it all weekend. It was time for new ones.

Goody Blonde Bobbies, 48 pk $3.24, 26 pk $2.66

I have never noticed that the package calls these bobbies instead of bobby pins. I love it and plan to call these bobbies from now on. I prefer to buy the blonde bobbies just because I like the way they blend in with my hair better. I decided to try the mini bobbie for when I'm just putting my bangs back or pinning a small braid.

Pond's Wet Cleansing Towelettes in Evening Soothe (30 pk) and Morning Refresh (5 pk), $5.27 

This was the only non-hair related product I bought. I have run out of makeup remover wipes again and didn't love my Neutrogena Hydrate wipes enough to re-purchase them. I swear I have tried almost every kind of makeup wipes and I don't like any of them enough to re-purchase them. I don't know how I ended up with these ones, I mean Pond's?! seriously. I don't know. It seemed an odd selection but I was feeling desperate and not in the mood to read every package of makeup remover wipes. These had alcohol and fragrance low on the ingredients so I went with them. I hope they work out well. I will keep you posted.


Monday, June 20, 2011

House Blog: The house!

buying a house is very exciting
so exciting in fact that i made the house its own video
nerd? oh yes.

i love that little house

House Blog: The Kitchen

The biggest thing that would need to be done in this house we are buying would be re-doing the kitchen. There is only half a kitchen worth of cabinets, the sink has some issues {and is super ugly}, and the paint on the walls is awful. The cabinets that are there aren't put together very well and don't match so we decided if we move into this place we will just re-do the whole kitchen.
The kitchen is very small and doesn't have a whole lot of natural light coming in so my goal is to lighten up the whole room and make it appear larger and more open.
I love bead board and am really drawn to white bead board cabinets.
My favorite so far are ones from Ikea and on their website they have a kitchen design program where you can put together your whole kitchen with actual products from them so I was able to realistically design the kitchen we want for the space we would have.
I took some screen shots of the finished product.

Floor Plan

This is the view from the front door looking into the kitchen

This is the view from the opposite end of the kitchen looking at the front door

It's a long narrow kitchen with three doorways which makes placement of appliances and cabinets really difficult. In my novice opinion, I think this looks pretty good. The husband and I are going to go to Ikea and have someone there give us their opinion about whether or not they think this set up would work.

The only thought I'm not loving? Putting together a whole kitchen worth of cabinets. The only thing I have ever put together was my vanity chair and all the screws came out that hold the seat part to the legs. Yeah ridiculous.

Thanks goodness for husbands.

Review: NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Rust

Hi ladies!

A month or so ago I watched a video on YouTube about
which is a discount cosmetic website that sells mostly NYX cosmetics.
I have been craving more Jumbo Eye Pencils since I purchased Milk this past January
This website offered them for $1.00 or so cheaper and then 20% on top of that along with $2.75 for shipping {which is awesome}
I was comparing their prices to a few other websites that sell the Jumbo Eye Pencils and was the best deal. Unfortunately, I ended up ordering four of the same shade and it shipped the next day so I didn't have time to contact their customer service. To return it I would have to pay return shipping and then shipping again to send the right colors to me. That much shipping would defeat the purpose of the cheap prices.
So, I'm going to show you the one color I ended up with.

NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Rust

I'm quite pleased with the color even if it's not an everyday color. It's a purply reddish brown. It makes a great base for a purple or brown smoky eye.
If you haven't used or aren't familiar with the NYX Jumbo Eye Pencils, they are somewhere between a pencil and a cream eyeshadow. They blend out super easily on your eye lid and provide a great base for your powder shadows. Not only do they help extend the life of your powder shadow throughout the day but they also amp up the color and pigmentation of your shadow.
They are a really great product and even if you don't want to go hunting online to find the cheapest price, their regular retail is like $4.50.

I'm disappointed I didn't get the other three colors I meant to put in my cart and instead ended up with four of Rust. But the prices were cheap, shipping was cheaper, and shipping was really quick.
At least I got one pretty color :)


Saturday, June 18, 2011

NYC Mini Haul Swatches

Hey! I have the swatches from my little haul the other day.

First up are the lip products

{Nude York City}

{Champagne Stain}

My lips with Nude York City

My lips with Champagne Stain

My lips with both

{Times Square&Radio City Rose}


Friday, June 17, 2011

Things I'm loving right this second

The husband and I are off to the big city {baha not so big compared to others I have lived in but massive compared to where I am now} this weekend to
house things. Like kitchen cabinets. Lights. Rugs. Washer/Dryer. Dishwasher. Paint. Etc
We might be getting ahead of ourselves but if we wait until we aren't ahead of ourselves
we are late!
And I surely don't want that
Not one bit
So instead we shall get ahead of ourselves.

Things I'm loving right this second?
this picture

My hair in this picture. It's time for a hair cut.

My sweet kitten in this picture

This awesome new lipstain I got this week that gives me bright pink lips ALL day long
so some day I can look like her and have pretty lips everyday

Oh and I read this and this it made me so sad and want to cry. the end.

Must go finish packing for my weekend in the big city.
Happy Father's Day

{why don't people wish everyone a happy father's day? who says it has to only be to your dad or fatherlike figures?! i say it should be happy for everyone so i repeat Happy Father's Day}

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Mini NYC Haul

Of course my first post after saying I can't do hauls is.... a haul.
I was grocery shopping with my husband this past weekend and there was a coupon sitting on a shelf for $5.00 off $10.00 worth of NYC products. The coupon/makeup/gooddealonmakeup bug bit me and I just couldn't resist. I was suddenly hit with the urge to pull out every makeup coupon in my wallet and use every single one. That worried my husband {muwhahaha} and he thought it necessary I make a small makeup purchase.

Here is what I picked up

NYC In A New York Color Minute nail polish
{Left} Times Square and {Right} Radio City Rose

I love this line of NYC polishes. I have quite a few and they are some of my favorites. These two colors in particular scream summer to me. I love them!

NYC Liquid Lipshine in Nude York City

I have always loved the NYC liquid lipshines. This is a really nice nude colored gloss with a little shimmer to it. I particularly like the wand in these glosses. It's a really long sponge tip applicator.

I find this makes applying my gloss a lot easier and quicker because there is the perfect amount of product for my lips.

NYC Smooch Proof 16 HR Lip Stain in Champagne Stain

I love love love this lip stain! It doesn't have a nasty taste or smell. It's such a gorgeous color and has great pigmentation. I wore this to work one day and brought it with me to reapply and didn't need to once. I drink a lot of water through the day plus this lasted through breakfast and lunch! I was so impressed.

Those are the things I picked up with the coupon. It was fun to treat myself to a few new things. I will have swatches this weekend. I hope you're all doing so wonderful! Oh I will also have a quick review on an NYC Jumbo Eye Pencil I got last month and forgot to show you!