Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Bath & Body Works haul

Here are a few things I ordered from Bath and Body Works.
I picked out three candles:
Pineapple Mango: "Luscious tree-ripened mango and sweet tropical pineapple are complemented by crisp lotus and a hint of warm vanilla"
Lakeside: "Jump into an invigorating blend of fresh water, sheer musk, and the perfect pop of citrus"
 Watermelon Lemonade: "Quench your thirst for long, summer days with this refreshing mixture of watermelon ice, sparkling water, and freshly squeezed Meyer lemons"
Pineapple Mango and Watermelon Lemonade smell fruity and sweet but they also have a hint of tartness to them. I can't wait to start burning them.
The Lakeside scent is very different from the other two. It reminds me of a fall scent, I think because of the musky undertones. But it also has the freshness from the water and just a hint of citrus. I can't wait to see how this smells when I start burning it.
Hand Sanitizer

(left to right) Sicilian Lemon, Bella Flora, Island Margarita, Island Nectar, Fresh Picked Garden Herbs
The lemon scent just smells like lemon, nothing fancy.
Bella Flora is a sweet floral scent.
Island Margarita is one of my favorite scents from B&BW. It is fruity, sweet, a little tart, and so refreshing.
Island Nectar is a new scent for me and I'm totally hooked. Very sweet and fruity/floral.
I don't know what possessed me to get Garden Herbs. Sometimes I just like to order things that sound weird. BUT I'm really glad I did because it smells so nice and not at all like the name suggests. It smells fresh and clean to me. The scent is very light and not herby at all to me.
Foaming Soaps
(left to right) Peach Bellini, Caribbean Escape, Pink Berry Citrus
I love to get the anti-bacterial foaming hand soap. With this order I got two of my favorite scent: Peach Bellini. Then I decided to try two new scents: Caribbean Escape and Pink Berry Citrus. They are all sweet, fruity, and floral. My favorite!
Wallflower/Scented Plug-in air freshener

As I said earlier I love Peach Bellini and Island Margarita so I got two 2-packs of the refills in each scent. I love using air fresheners around my house and can't wait to have these lovely scents wafting through my home.
That's all for now. I hope you enjoyed seeing what I got from Bath & Body Works. If you picked anything up from Bath & Body Works leave me a comment letting me know or just share your favorite scents!