Friday, July 1, 2011

Review: Nair Hair Remover Face and Wax strips

Now I realize no woman wants to talk about facial hair unless she is discussing sexy man scruff

like this

But it happens, it's real, hair does grow on a woman's face. 12/22/2010 was the first time I dealt with facial hair (yes it made that much of an impact, I remember the date).
It was the first time I waxed my face.
 Everyone has tiny baby hairs all over their face. The few fortunate have very light very fine baby hairs and don't have to deal with them. For everyone else, they are a hassle.
My trouble area? The upper lip. The baby hairs there are a little darker and thicker for some reason and I finally decided it was time to do something about it.

Here is what I used!

Nair Hair Remover Face Wax Strips

I bought these back in December '10 and I don't remember the price. They are from Walmart and couldn't have cost much more than $4.00 or $5.00.


I really like this product. The strips work well at removing all the hair from the area it has been applied to. Obviously it hurts a little when you pull the strip off but if you follow the instructions it really isn't that bad. The results are worth it to me for the 1 or 2 seconds of tender tingle-y skin.

In the box you get...
Large Strips

I haven't actually used the large stripes yet since they are too big for my upper lip. I think when I am ready to use them I will cut them in half so they are long and thin. That will make them the perfect size.
Small Strips

The small strips are what I have been using. A few months ago I got brave and decided to wax my own eye brows. I used the small strip to get all the crazy hairs that aren't necessarily a part of my brow. I'm not brave enough to use them for actually shaping my brow because I think I would ruin my brows but they provide a super quick way to maintain my brows.

Soothing Post-Wipe

And finally the soothing post-wipe which I don't particularly love or understand. You get like 15 strips in the box but only 2 or 3 wipes. What was their logic there? The wipes are really greasy/oily. In my opinion they feel uncomfortable when rubbed all over the face. I don't like oily. But they are the best at removing any sticky blue residue.

Which brings me to my next point, the con of this product. Sometimes there are little patches of sticky blue that is left on my face. I don't know why this happens but it is near impossible to get off! Luckily, no one waxes their face as they are running out the door so you should be good to get the little patch of blue goo off your face before presenting yourself to the public.

Overall, this product does what it claims. It's easy to work with. There is virtually no mess and only a little clean up required if you have some blue goo patches.
If you suffer from unsightly facial hair, I would recommend trying out a hair removal product. It has helped me feel more confident and my overall makeup application to the areas that are waxed is so much smoother and flawless


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