Monday, July 11, 2011

Beauty Ticket 5-pc Mystery Bag with swatches

Hi ladies!
I was looking around on when I came across their 5 Piece Mystery Bags. You choose the complexion and they send you a bag of 5 products. You don't know what you are getting but they do try to base it off of your complexion. Each bag is $20.00 and on their site it says the retail value is $75.00. There was nothing else on the site I really wanted but was so intrigued with the Mystery Bag that I put in an order for the Light Complexion- Warm Shades Mystery bag.

Lancome Color Design Sensational Effects Eye Shadow


This was the product I was most excited about. I love eyeshadows and more importantly, I love neutral eyeshadows. These are gorgeous colors. It is seriously everything you need for a neutral eye look whether for day or night. I'm really excited about the matte colors. I don't use a lot of matte eyeshadows, but I love these. The bronze is super pigmented and shimmery. It helps balance out the matte colors. The two champagne cream colors aren't as pigmented but can be built up on the lid for more impact.

Here is the look I have done everyday for a week with this palette. I'm so obsessed, it's the only colors I have been using.
My base is NYX Jumbo Pencil in Milk

I love the look and I love this palette. I couldn't find this exact palette on Lancome's website but they have this same line and have these same shades just not in the same combination. The palette's online retail for $42.00. (What a STEAL!!)
Paula Dorf Magic Stick in #3

The packaging of this product is really nice. It has the velvety matte feel of NARS packaging. The shade is a little too dark for me but it's very slight. On the Paula Dorf website this is still available and retails for $22.00

Jelly Pong Pong lip sorbet in Sugared Pear

This is my least favorite of the products I got. The texture scent etc of the gloss is good but the color is really outside my comfort zone. Even when applied sheerly it's a little too orange and bronze for my liking.

Goldie Alice in Wonderland Lip Plump gloss in Mad Hatter

I was surprised how different this color looks on the lips from what you see in the tube. I'll admit, I was scared to apply it. Luckily it applies very sheerly. I don't love that this is a plumping gloss however, of the few plumping glosses I have tried, this one works the best. It has the typical slightly burning feeling but I actually see results and the burning/tingling actually makes my lips begin to feel numb. It's different than any other lip plumper I have tried in some aspects but the slight plumping is short lived as is the tingly feeling. Then you are left with plain old glossy lips. These goldie products are no longer available but from the research I did, it retailed for $10.00.
Senna Double Dose Lip Lacquer in Taboo

This gloss is also outside of my comfort zone but I think it is pretty and I have actually worn this out of the house. It goes really well with a bronzed makeup look and beachy waves in my hair. This gloss might just be the stickiest gloss I have ever worn. The upside to the stickiness? It stays on my lips forever! 
Lip Product Swatches
Top: Alice in Wonderland gloss
Middle: Jelly Pong Pong gloss
Bottom two: Senna

All Product Swatches

I'm really happy with the bag I got. I think it is such a good value and the products are great! It was very exciting not knowing what I was going to get. I would definitely recommend trying the mystery makeup bag! A part of me really wants to buy another one but I think I would get all the same products... what do you think?

Have any of you tried the Mystery Makeup Bag? What shade did you buy? What came in your bag? I'm so curious what other people get in their bags!!


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  1. that's great! Glad you liked everything,I will have to check this out =)