Tuesday, July 12, 2011

House Blog: Inspirations&Collages

Whilst surfing sites for décor and home furniture I decided to make a collage or two
I combined items from Ikea, Target, and Kohls

I like the idea of white furniture with bright floral accents.
I feel like this room would be so girly, fun, and would brighten up my mood every time I went in. I like the mix of modern white pieces with more vintage-y florals and wicker.

While feeling so inspired by the pieces above, I also put together

I love this combination of purples, blacks, white, blues, wrought iron. This is much more modern. Not as light and airy as the first room but still has a nice mix of light and dark. I think this would be a relaxing room to have soft lighting and lots of candles.
I feel like, realistically, even though I like the second room and put it together and love the idea of it, the first room is more of my style. But who knows. Putting this room together seems so far away with all the other things in the house that need to come first but it's my favorite to think about!


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