Friday, January 18, 2013

what's making you happy today

I was thinking I wanted to write tonight, but I didn't feel like I had anything to write down. I couldn't think of anything I wanted to remember.

Then I read Kelle's post here and at the end she asked the simplest of questions

"What's making you happy today?"

And then I knew exactly what I wanted to write about. What IS making me happy today?

So here goes...

Waking up briefly at 2:00am and realizing I get to go back to sleep for almost 4 more hours.
Getting ready in the family room so I can sit in front of the fire and watch the news
Realizing after I got ready that one of my cats was sleeping at my feet the whole time.
Making myself a couple minutes late for work by starting my husband's truck for him so it was warm by the time he had to leave.
Realizing it is Friday.
Homemade {leftover} soup for lunch with cheese&garlic croutons
Working an hour and a half of overtime and meeting my goals for the day.
Picking my husband up and sitting in the driveway talking about our day and what we want to do this weekend.
Eating mac&cheese and Caesar salad for dinner.
Sitting on the couch in front of the fire watching a show with my husband and writing this post.

Before I read Kelle's post I really wasn't in a good mood at all. I was feeling bad that I only made mac&cheese for dinner. I was wishing we weren't just sitting at home on a Friday night. And I was still letting stress from work bother me.

But good things did happen today. And going back over my day has made me feel so much better. So I want to pass on the same thing Kelle did for me...

What is making you happy today?


Monday, January 7, 2013

Love this...

{I post this while I'm laying in bed wasting my evening away... but still, I love the advice}