Friday, July 24, 2015

sweet // simple // genuine // quiet // love

I was going through some old notebooks of mine when I came across a "journal entry" of mine from Friday September 5, 2014. I don't actually keep a journal but on a random page in this random book I wrote "Today I feel like journaling. I don't know why exactly except that I have thoughts to get out of my head that maybe I'll want to remember some day." Guess what- I was right! I am so glad I wrote theses things down because I do want to remember them. The things I wrote really struck a chord in me as I re-read them tonight so I decided to share them here as another way to look back and remember. So here goes...

Friday September 5, 2014

Today I feel like journaling. I don't know why exactly except that I have thoughts to get out of my head that maybe I'll want to remember some day. 

Tonight Adam and I went to dinner. He suggested we go out which doesn't happen as often. Usually I want to go out (because I don't want to cook or I don't want to be in the house). It was sweet of him to suggest. I didn't even think I'd see him tonight because he has a derby tomorrow. But he came home and we went out. 
He suggested going to the next town. That never happens but I always ask. Tonight it was his idea. After dinner we drove home and he talked on the phone the whole way. I didn't mind but I was a little disappointed we didn't go anywhere else. As we pulled in the driveway and he got off the phone he asked if I wanted to go get ice cream. I've been asking to do that a lot lately but it doesn't usually happen. Tonight it was his idea. After ice cream we drove past a Redbox and I asked if we could get a movie (knowing he doesn't like watching movies). He said yes. A chick flick even! When we got home he did his best to watch for a while but he gets bored in the middle so he turned his computer on. Thirty minutes or so later I looked over and he wasn't looking at his computer- he was watching the movie. 

He did everything I wanted to do tonight. 
He is so sweet to me. 

Sometimes I get so caught up in the fairy tales and the chick flick romances that I start to feel like my marriage is missing something. I tend to get down on myself thinking "If only I were {insert negative thought here} then our marriage would be perfect, it would be a fairy tale, we'd always get along."
I'll admit we have flaws and things to work on but you know what? We aren't doing too bad.

My husband was sweet and kind and thoughtful tonight. That sounds exactly like a marriage should be. Considerate. Patient. Loving. I don't need fancy gifts, expensive vacations, or sweep-you-off-your-feet declarations of love. My husband loves me. The kind of love that forgives fights and hurtful words. That withstands rough patches, boredom, or ruts. He loves me no matter what I look like or how messy our house gets. He appreciates when I make him dinner, do his laundry, or rub his back.

When we went out tonight I didn't stop to think about the fact that we were doing all the things I like to do. I was happy and having a good time but I didn't stop to think about how my husband was doing all the things I love to do without making a "scene" or trying to get recognition by saying "See! We're doing what you want!!" He just did it and didn't need to point it out. I think that's love. Not declare-your-love-on-the-empire-state-building love but just sweet, simple, genuine, quiet love. And that's just what I want.

P.S. also if further proof of his love should be needed- he just woke up and saved me from a big huge centipede. It was huge and nasty and he woke up and killed it. THAT is true love!