Tuesday, July 12, 2011

“Honesty is for the most part less profitable than dishonesty.” -Plato

Once upon a time
my husband asked if I wanted to accompany him while he ran some errands for work. since i was just sitting at home blog stalking of course i said yes! things went so well that we got dinner while we were out {hooray for not making dinner}
after dinner the husband said to me
    "do you want to come to the farm with me?"
quickly racing through my head were all the thoughts determining whether or not I wanted to go to the farm..... Why not to go to the farm? It's hot out. There are lots of mosquitoes. I had nothing to read or look at to entertain myself. My jeans were far to tight to ride on the four wheeler with him for an hour. I don't particularly love being at the farm for long periods of time. Why to go to the farm? it's time spent with the husband. it's nice to be outside. it's nice to get out of the apartment. i get in less trouble for doing nothing at the farm than when i do nothing at home {either way it's doing nothing but the husband doesn't care if the housework isn't done if i have been sitting around at the farm}
since the pros and cons were clearly even I decided to make it up to the husband
   "would it make you happier if i came to farm?"
his response would have been induced awws and fuzzy feelings and googly eyes and hand holding if he had simply uttered yes but what did he really say?
   "it would be quicker for me" {as in quicker not to have to drive me home first}

needless to say, i came home and did two loads of towels and folded his clean clothes because i would rather do housework than spend an hour thinking about that cute moment fail. {clearly that didn't work since i'm blogging about it}.

oh husband, when will you learn.
i guess i just need to be grateful for my extra honest and far too practical husband


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