Thursday, September 2, 2010

Walmart Haul and little trip for some L.A. Colors (I'm addicted!!)

So I had $30.00 burning a hole in my pocket and time to kill after work so off to Walmart I went.
Here is a picture of everything I got. But the nail polishes are from Family Dollar!
Rimmel Extra Super Lash in black, $4.00
I can understand why this is so cheap however, it's not awful. I like how thin the brush is at the end because it makes it easy to reach the small lashes at the corners of my eyes. And it's very buildable... which in my book is a nice way to say cheap and you have to put a bunch of coats on to show up. But surprisingly I actually really like it. It's a really good formula for natural looking lashes. I find the name of it really funny though. It's like the most simple mascara ever so they call it Extra Super Lash Mascara. They couldn't take the time to use a thesaurus and come up with more descriptive words so the used the first thing that popped into their head. haha it still makes me laugh after a month.

N.Y.C. Liquid Lip Shine in Sungold Pink (Top) and Dusty Rose (Bottom), $1.86
I love this line of glosses! I have 3 other shades of this same gloss and unfortunately two of them look almost identical to these two. Luckily I have spent enough time comparing them to Iced Orchid and Pink Sand I have been able to notice subtle differences and can justify owning them... at least to me :) They are shimmery without being frosty and have really decent pigmentation.
Wet n Wild matte lipstick in Bare It All (Left) and Wine Room (Right), $3.86
I love Wine Room. I have decided berry reds are more of my color than bright orange-y reds. Wine Room is the most gorgeous berry lipstick I have ever used. The swatch on top is a little too red but the one on the bottom is more accurate... Maybe I will take a picture of it on my lips if you're interested because this shade is beautiful! Bare it all is a nice nude shade. Especially since my lips are already so dark, it's nice to have a color that doesn't make my lips look white. This is definitely the right nude for girls with more pigments lips. As always these are matte long wearing lipsticks. They are a little on the drying side, but I don't have any problems with them. A little chapstick and I'm good to go.

Wet n Wild Natural Wear pressed powder in Bare, $4.00

The packaging of this product is actually really cool. It's paper! And there is a magnet under the paper that holds the compact closed. I think it's such a cool idea. And it's really sturdy too! The product itself I'm still undecided on. When I first got it I was really disappointed with now I think I'm slowly starting to like it more. But that might just be because I am out of my regular powder so I'm just settling for what I have. It's definitely a light coverage product. I have to put on tons before I can get the full coverage I prefer. I'm also trying to decide whether or not it has a weird smell... It's faint, maybe I'm imagining it. Overall I like the product. I'm not in love, but if the right sale came along, I might buy it again.

L.A. Colors Nail Lacquer in Nectarine (Left) and Party Pink (Right), $1.00 each
I loooove these polishes!! Nectar is not accurate but I couldn't get a picture that showed the shade correctly. It dries as a frosty light orange slightly coral shade. It's perfect for summer. The formula is really nice too. It dries quite smoothly. The same goes with Party Pink. It is a really bright frosty pink. Both shades are slightly shimmery/frosty and are perfect summer shades. I think they would both look great used for a pedicure. I think I am going to give myself a nectar pedicure right now!
So I have been craving perfumes lately because it has been so long since I have had some actual perfume and not just body spray. But perfumes are soo expensive and I'm such a cheapie that I can't bring myself to buy the full size bottles. Buuuut it turns out so many kinds of perfume come in mini bottles! And I am obsessed with them. The bottles are cute, I can have 5 kinds of perfume for the price of 1, and they are cheap!

The first 2 I got were Paris Hilton and Lucky brand. I love the Paris Hilton one because it is so girly and it has the spray head on it so it's really easy to apply. It smells really similar to Britney Spears Curious. The packaging of the Lucky brand perfume isn't as cute but the scent is gorgeous! I love it! Application isn't as great, it's one of those lids where you have to dab it on little by little.
Well that's everything for that shopping trip! But I have plenty more to show you. I have a great Big Lots Haul, a Family Dollar Haul, and this Friday is my birthday so on Saturday my husband is taking me on a makeup shopping spree, so I will have plenty to show you! I have been saving up my makeup coupons and I'm going to hit all the great drugstore sales going on.
See you soon! xox

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