Monday, September 27, 2010

My first EOTD (Eye of the day!) and pretty much my everday eye routine...

So I have never done an EOTD before because I wasn't sure how well my camera would take the pictures. But on Saturday when I was getting ready for a day with my sister I thought since I was at my parent's house (who have much better lighting in their bathroom) and I was doing pretty much the same look I do on my eyes everyday, I decided to try taking the pictures. They didn't come out as good as I was hoping but they were decent so here we go..

Neutral shimmering semi-smoky eye look

For this look I used the following products...

(From Left to Right)

-3 Sonia Kashuk eye brushes (angled, small fluffy, and medium fluffy). These are from Target, I'm not sure on pricing or if these ones are even still available because I got them a few years ago as a birthday present from my sister

-E.L.F. Waterproof eye liner pen in Plum

-E.L.F. mineral eyeshadow primer

-Rimmel Lycra lash extender

-CoverGirl lashblast Volume

-Wet n Wild Ultimate Expressions palette in Sand Castle

I start out with the eyeshadow primer all over my lid and slightly outside my crease. When I plan on lining my eye with shadow I swipe a tiny bit along my lower lash line.

Next I used the small fluffy brush to apply the shimmery pink color mostly all over my lid but concentrated on the inner-half of the lid.

I followed that with the grey-ish brown shade on the outer-half of my lid still using the same brush.

I used the bigger fluffy brush to blend the two shades and get rid of any harsh lines.

I took the angled brush and lined my bottom lash line with the bronze and using the same brush and the darkest shade in the palette added the slightest bit of definition to the outer corner of my eye by making a small sideways "v" along my upper lash line and my crease.

Again, I used the medium fluffy brush to blend out the lines.

Last shade I used was the white, and with my pinky I dabbed a little bit of white just along my inner corner to brightening up my eyes.

I put a medium-thick line of eyeliner on my top lash line with the eyeliner pen (which clearly does not show up plum).

When doing my mascara I put on 2 coats of the Rimmel Lash Extender first and follow with 2 coats of the LashBlast Volume. I put 1 very light coat of the LashBlast on my bottom lashes as well.

And there is my look. I didn't plan on going so in-depth with how I do the look but because it's what I do everyday it was all too easy to get overly-descriptive.

I hope you enjoyed and maybe got some inspiration for your eye makeup.

How did you do your eye makeup today? What's your everyday eye makeup routine?


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