Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Birthday Weekend Shopping

This past Friday 09/03/2010 was my 20th birthday! And I decided what better weekend to hit up all the drugstores sales and just spoil myself. I had $33.00 of cosmetic coupons and I even mapped out what sales I was going to hit on Saturday and then when they changed on Monday I was going to use different coupons for the new sales. I went to Walmart and Rite Aid Saturday morning but that afternoon my hubby and I ended up buying me a new car so I decided my birthday splurge would be my car and not a bunch of makeup.


Rimmel was 40% and I had 2 $1.00 coupons!
Rimmel Sexy Curves mascara in Extreme Black
Originally $8.00, 40% off making it $4.67, minus $1.00 off coupon making it $3.67

I haven't even used this yet I just bought it because it's super popular and what cute packaging. I'm really not sure what the point of the curvy brush is... but I'm hoping this works as well as everyone says it does.

Rimmel Stay Matte + Skinpure Complex in True Ivory 103
Originally $7.30, 40% off making it $4.19, minus $1.00 off coupon making it $3.19!

I actually own this foundation in Soft Beige 200 but it's just slightly too dark for my skin tone. True Ivory is just 1 shade lighter and matches a lot better. I bought this foundation because I have really oily skin and I need a long lasting matte foundation. I can't wait to really try out this foundation. I have been switching from foundation to foundation for so long I just want to find something that works really great and stick with it.

CoverGirl was BOGO 1/2 Off

CoverGirl Fresh Complexion Pocket Powder foundation in Classic Ivory 610

Originally $7.80, On sale for BOGO 1/2 off making it $3.90, $1.00 off coupon making it $2.90!

This is actually a re-purchase. I love the coverage this powder gives. I accidentally bought it 1 shade lighter than before but it still matches so maybe I was wearing it too dark before. My only complaint with this product is I wish there was more of it, even if they charged more, wearing it everyday makes it disappear pretty quickly.

CoverGirl Outlast Lipstain in Sassy Mauve
Originally $7.99, $1.00 off coupon making it $6.99 and I got my powder 50% off

I have wanted to try this for so long. I decided to treat myself since it was my birthday. I love this berry color. It's so pretty! And I can't decide what it smells/tastes like but I think it tastes like grape or berry. I love it. I have to admit it feels really weird to put a marker on my lips. That is exactly what this is, a lip marker. But I think it's such a great idea, it makes for super easy application.

Rite Aid

Wet n Wild BOGO!! (My favorite sale EVER!)
Not only was it BOGO but I had a coupon for $5.00 off a $10.00 purchase.
I ended up spending $15 and saving $23. I lost my receipt from this trip so I don't have the exact prices :( sorry!

WnW Arch Envy brow color and set in Medium Ash

I have never used a brow pencil before but I have crazy brows so I picked this up. I think it might be a little too dark for my brows... either that or I'm just not used to have them actually filled in. Even if I don't use the color end I think the clear end will be good for just holding my brows in place.

WnW Perfect Pair Eye Wand in Black/Slate

The black is an eyeliner and the silver is the eyeshadow. I love how metallic the shadow is. This will be a great base for silver powder shadows. I love dual ended products like this. I think they are so convenient. I haven't tried it out yet so I can't tell you anything about how long lasting it is but with a primer, WnW is usually pretty decent.

WnW Perfect Pair Eye Wand in Passion Plum

I couldn't resist these pretty berry shades, let's be honest I never can. Both liner and lipstick are very creamy. I haven't put them on yet but I hope they show up as pretty on my lips as they swatch. Stay tuned.

WnW Mega Liner liquid eyeliner in Brown

I feel like I am cheating on my ELF Waterproof Eyeliner pens. And I regret it. I do not like these liquid liners with the brush and the runny product. Maybe I'm just not as talented when it comes to putting on liquid liner, but it gets in my eyelashes and is next to impossible to get a straight line but the ELF eyeliner pens are idiot proof. When it comes to liquid liner, the pens are the way to go. Oh wait wasn't I supposed to talking about this WnW stuff...

WnW Coloricon Eyeshadow palettes in (Left to Right) Greed, Vanity, Don't Steal My Thunder
Definitely click on the picture to make it bigger

So I now own every shade of these WnW Coloricon 6 eyeshadow palettes. I love them. Their pigmentation is excellent. And the color combinations are so gorgeous together. They each come with 3 shimmery shades and 3 matte shades. They are so soft and beautiful, I really can't wait to play around with these! I also got a Coloricon Eyeshadow Trio in Don't Steal My Thunder. These will go really well with my Perfect Pair eye wand in Black/Slate. The silver is sooo shimmery. I love it!

WnW Wild Shine nail polish (Left to Right) in Sparked, Metallica, Lavender Pearlescent, Hallucinate, $0.99
I have always loved these nail polishes. They are so cheap and they come in so many colors. They aren't the best quality polishes but it's nothing a good top coat can't fix. I like them for colors I won't wear everyday and for trying out unexpected shades. Because if I don't end up liking it or it's not a very wearable shade I don't have to feel bad for spending too much on it! My brother was with me when I bought these and he picked out Lavender Pearlescent. He doesn't like girls who wear dark nail polish, which I tend to do, it makes me chuckle when I see this color. I think it's the girliest shade of nail polish ever made. Bahaha...

WnW Megalast Nail Color (Left to Right) in Candy-licious, RedTape, Disturbia, $1.99
I haven't tried any of these shades yet, but they are all so pretty. The red shade looks a little neon but it's actually the perfect red color. It's the epitome of red. I loooove it. The other shades are bubblegum pink and deep purple. I really recommend these polishes.

Then I made a quick trip through Family Dollar because let's be honest, I love that place.
L.A. Colors Perfect Curved Mascara in Very Black, $2.00
I haven't tried this stuff yet but I have been having such good luck with all my other purchases from this brand that I thought I would branch out into something other than eyeshadow and nail polish. I hope it works out because it looks really cool!

Black satin and gold zipper rosette hair pin, $1.00
I think these cute little zipper detailed accessories look so cute!! And I found one for a dollar! Ha! I love the little gems I find in Family Dollar. This looks so cute with a low bun or ponytail.

Well these are all my wonderful purchases from the birthday weekend. I had so much fun.
Anyone else have a birthday lately? What did you get? Did you take advantage of the BOGO WnW sale? Have you tried any of the products I got?

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