Tuesday, March 29, 2011


So after posting my last e.l.f. haul I deleted www.eyeslipsface.com from my bookmarked sites and even unsubscribed from their emails. Things have been going well and I have gone a whole week without thinking about e.l.f.

Until I was on Facebook and saw this....

How could I forget to delete them from Facebook!?
Oh 50% sales... You're my favorite kind of sale.
And the mineral line... I love the mineral line.
The eye shadows... the brushes... the lipsticks

I feel my self control slipping away...
AHHHH! I must get off the computer and hide the credit cards!!

Okay it's not that bad... I have more self-control than that.
But I do have the overwhelming desire to cheat my e.l.f. diet and go order makeup from e.l.f.'s mineral line.
Someone go take advantage of this sale, I would hate to let 50% off go to waste.


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