Friday, March 4, 2011

Review: CoverGirl Lip Perfection Lipstick in 380 Dazzle

Oh the power of a coupon. I had no intention of purchasing any of the new Lip Perfection products from CoverGirl until I got a coupon from my sister for $2.00 OFF (1). When I took a gander past the section in Walmart they were only $5.50 and suddenly, I had to have one.... funny how that works.
I will admit I love their sleek packaging....

The colors on the bottom are really cute and surprisingly accurate, at least for the shade I picked up.

CoverGirl Lip Perfection Lipstick in 380 Dazzle

See what I mean...
This is a sheer fuchsia shade with the tiniest flash of bluish/purple undertones.

On the skin

On the lips
From Left to Right: Lip Balm, One coat, Three coats

I will admit these pictures are slightly washed out but not by much. This is really sheer. I kind of like it though because it makes me willing to try "more daring" shades, like fuchsia! The formula is so smooth and feels like a moisturizing lip balm, not like a lip stick at all. I did notice even after the lipstick wore off I still had a pink stain on my lips which I didn't mind because I am a total lip gloss/stick eater and my lip products don't last long so it was nice to still have color on my lips.

For a little extra punch of color I layered a similarly colored gloss over top...

I used my Maybelline Color Sensational gloss in Hooked on Pink
which I got in my CVS clearance haul and completely forgot to show you! Ooops It has really good color payoff considering it's a gloss. I was pleasantly surprised. It has a slight gold shimmer to it that isn't coming through in the above picture, but it's there!

Overall, I don't think this product (well this shade at the very least) is for everyone because it is so sheer. Sometimes I want the more understated color on my lips which makes this great for me. The price is reasonable. Packaging adorable. My favorite thing might just be how moisturizing it is though.

You tell me, have you tried these products yet? What is your impression? What about the glosses? Are they worth checking out? Let me know below!


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