Saturday, March 12, 2011

First Impressions: Suave Professionals Dry Shampoo spray

Up until a few months ago I had no clue what dry shampoo was. Now that I think about it I find it odd that I didn't know because not only have I always loved buying hair styling products but I have never been an everyday hair washer so you would think dry shampoo would be an old friend of mine.
Well it sure is a good one now!

I have read/heard tons of reviews on different dry shampoos but (as you all know) I don't like shelling out too much on one product. I heard Suave was revamping all of their products but, despite their low prices, haven't always been their biggest fan. It was this review from Nouveau Cheap that finally convinced me to pick it up.

I just used this for the first time yesterday on second day hair. I straightened my hair and was wearing it down with my [overgrown] bangs pinned to the side. The roots and bangs were feeling a little greasy so I decided to take the plunge and use my dry shampoo. I don't know why it seemed so intimidating but I felt like I had no clue what I was doing.

Once my hair was done I did as the can directed and shook the can "well" (I assumed that meant I needed to put some effort into it and not just lazily shake it once or twice) and held it about 10 inches from my head. The nozzle felt very tight and I had to press down rather firmly before product came out. This made me nervous because I didn't know if I was supposed to use a continuous spray all over my head like hair spray or short spritzes just along my part. I ended up using a few faint hearted spritzes. Miraculously, it worked! (Amazingly I might add!). My roots felt so soft and clean and they didn't look the least bit greasy.
The bonus I wasn't expecting? Volume!
This baby made my roots perk up so nicely and stay that way all day (with a little froufing and poofing and smooshing with my fingers throughout the day).
Also, I have read that a white powder residue is common on darker hair but my hair is blond so I can't give an account for that. I didn't see any change in my in the color of my roots (which, considering how long it's been since I had my hair colored, might not have been a bad thing).

I've only used this once so I can't give a can't say 100% but so far so good!
If you have been wanting to try a Dry Shampoo but weren't sure which brand I would recommend trying this. The price is low ($2.00-$3.00) and so far the quality is great. Even if you don't want to buy the Suave brand I recommend picking up a dry shampoo. I am totally blown away with the great results I saw on my own hair.


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