Tuesday, March 8, 2011

“A man practices the art of adventure when he breaks the chain of routine and renews his life through traveling to new places, making new friends, and taking up new hobbies...” -Wilfred Peterson

When the mister and I were dating he introduced me to a small town activity known as "bumming"
meaning: to drive aimlessly, preferably on "back roads", with a friend and "shoot the breeze"
I will admit trucks are best for this activity but you can "bum" in any vehicle really
I quickly learned that I LOVE bumming. Not for the aimlessness, breeze shooting, or time wasting
oh no
I love bumming for the animals! Do you know how many animals, wild, farm, and domestic, you can find when you drive around the country for a few hours?! TONS!!
Bumming has turned into animal stalking.
I have regular routes where I know exactly what animals are where and doing what.
I have animals I have named, fed, and played with.

This is where my love of animals began and I have been obsessed ever since.
I don't discriminate either.
I love cows, horses, pigs, goats, sheep, lamas, donkeys, cats, dogs, chickens, ducks, geese, raccoons, deer, elk, skunks (from a distance), squirrels, peacocks, bald eagles, and mountain lions (from a distance).
I think those are all of the animals I have seen whilst bumming...

Aside from the animals
you blast fun music
have long conversations
see pretty nature
do crazy things
drink cold drinks
eat snacks
waste lots of gasoline

It really is quite fun. But the animals are what makes it fun for hours. It's like the real-life version of I Spy or Where's Waldo trying to find the animals.
Well you get the picture, I love it.

I took some pictures this last weekend when I went bumming with my brother....

tiny tiny wiener dog running away from his owner
sweet little puppy in his crate on the back porch
This here is a regular. We visit him every single time. It's a race to see who can bark first. He usually wins. Somehow he knows we are coming every.single.time.
Adorable little black kitty. She thought we couldn't see her but we totally could.

More kitties. Just met them.

Another regular. He was jumping up down and barking as we drove past.

Okay how cute is this!! When is the last time you saw a big puppy laying on a trampoline?!
Let me introduce you to our favorite puppy in the whole world, hands down

(keep in mind we have no clue who lives here, done this whole routine dozens of times&have never seen the owners)

He is the sweetest puppy ever

I enjoy this activity a lot. I go with the mister, the brother, the sister... really anyone who will go with me. But probably the most exciting bumming buddy?

My cat, Ford.

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