Monday, March 14, 2011

I'm a little disappointed....

So I was checking the shipping status of e.l.f. haul #12 which has a bunch of studio face products I am so excited about and I noticed two things....

1 NEWSTU 50% off Studio!

1 4400 Free Gift: Butternut
1 CREDIT for missing items
1 83101 translucent
1 83201 fair
1 83601 blushed/bronzed
1 85011 Kabuki Face Brush
1 84011 Blush Brush
1 83331 High Definition Powder
1 83401 Mineral Infused Face Primer
1 83151 Porcelain
2 83137 Pink Passion
1 83139 Gotta Glow
1 81158 Purple
1 85023 Clear
1 82446 Romantic Rouge

I have said this before but I HATE when I order something because the site said it was in stock only to find out it's not in my order because they couldn't update their site in time... They charged my card $3.00 less than it should have been which leads me to believe the HD powder is what's missing since that is the only thing that came out to $3.00 after the coupon code + it's the only thing I ordered that is now showing as Out of Stock on their site. I'm really disappointed about this... I really want the HD powder.
Second, WHY IN THE WORLD did I order 2 of the exact same shade of blush. Oh Brittany, why don't you notice these things first!?
I'm feeling very annoyed right now :(
it must be time for bed.

1 comment:

  1. What kind of free gift is it? It says im getting the 4400 butternut too but I don't know if it's one of those $1 eyeshadow quads or what?