Sunday, March 6, 2011

Small Jane haul from HauteLook

At the beginning of February I heard from Nouveau Cheap that HauteLook was having like 50% OFF all Jane cosmetics. Although I had heard of this site before, I had never been to nor made an order from them. Since I had also never tried Jane cosmetics before I knew a 50% OFF sale was just for me. I picked out 6 totally random things that looked interesting and would give me a feel for the brand. I made my order on 2/9/2011 and it didn't even ship until 2/24/2011!! Luckily it arrived on 2/28/2011 so I didn't have to wait long at all once it shipped but I am totally at a loss for what took them sooooo long to process my order! Now I order from e.l.f. all the time and their shipping is just as ridiculous but I feel like it's easier to deal with because they have it shipped within 3-4 days of me placing my order and the waiting is on the actual delivery. Plus I can track it on FedEx so I feel like progress is being made however slow it may be. But with HauteLook I made the order and didn't hear from them again for almost 3 weeks. I was pretty sure I was never getting my makeup.... but enough about that and on to the products!

First up is the...

Jane BE PURE agua ceuticals aquaglow BRONZER in Sunset Bronze $3.50

I'm not sure what all the aguaceutawhatever is about but I love bronzers and have always wanted to try one with the different strips of color like this. I also liked that it was shimmering. In person, the packaging really stinks. I hate the cardboard thing they did with this but the mirror is nice and the powder itself is pretty smooth. Pigmentation is average I would say. I didn't know how best to swatch this and decided not to at all. If it's something you'd be interested in, let me know and I will swatch away!

I'm not sure what I was thinking with the next product I picked out other than that I was still really excited for a shimmering multi-colored bronzer apparently...

Jane Shimmering Bronzer in Mojave $3.50

Yes, this is basically the same product. Why did I think it would be a good idea to buy both... I'm not sure. Am I glad I did it? YES! This bronzer is 10x better than the aguaceutawhatever bronzer. The powder is smoother and more pigmented. I also like the packaging much better because other than the obvious fact that it's plastic, underneath it opens up to reveal a small brush and a mirror.
Oh well... now I have two right?!

Jane Be Pure Mineral Blush in Rose Silk $2.75

How cute it this blush!? I love the quilted look. I'm a little confused by the color though... what about that says Rose?! I'm not sure. Luckily, I'm okay with a pinky/peach blush instead. I'm as pleased with this product as I am with the Mojave bronzer. This is also very smooth, has a slight shimmer to it, and is quite pigmented. Oh and I forgot to get a picture but the bottom opens up as well to reveal a little mirror and a tiny brush.

Jane Eyezing singles in Down to Earth and Goldie Looks, $2.50 each

The fact that I have sat here for the last 5 minutes more interested in the ceiling than in these eyeshadows goes to show how unimpressed I am with them. I think Goldie Looks is an old formula because the font on the packaging is different than Down to Earth and it is very dry and flaky. Down to Earth is much smoother and applies without much fallout but it's pigmentation is mediocre. I don't know if these results are a representation of all the eyeshadows or if I got a few bad shades but I don't think I will be repurchasing.

Jane LipStix in Oasis 

This shade is not at all what I was expecting. The crazy pink frost... major turnoff. Pretty disappointing. The shade of pink would be perfect if it was a creme lipstick but the overwhelming frost makes it feel very outdated to me.

Those are the things I got from Jane cosmetics. The eyeshadows are a definite no as far as repurchasing. I think I would like to try another lipstick but pick it out in person so I can be sure of the shade I am getting. The prices are low which is always nice and the packaging is decent. I'm glad I at least got a great blush hand bronzer out of this order.

What are you impressions of this brand? Have you tried any of these same products? What were your results? What about HauteLook in general? Have you ordered from them before? What kinds of sales do you take advantage of from their site? Let me know!



  1. I've never tried Jane cosmetics before but they look like they have some nice stuff!

  2. They are comparable to Wet n Wild I would say, except the eyeshadows. They didn't have an amazing selection on HauteLook so I think I will take a look at the drugstore next time I'm thinking about something from them.