Tuesday, October 5, 2010

My Purse Collection


1. a bag of leather, fabric, plastic, or the like, held in the hand or carried by means of a handle or strap, commonly used by women for holding money, toilet articles, small purchases, etc.

I am so excited for this post, I love my purses and I love seeing other bloggers purses so I decided to show off my own collection. Now understand, I'm not about to show  you designer bags or the latest "it" bags these are just the bags I have collected over the years, some I still use and others which have been collecting dust (Although after going through all my bags, I have fallen in love with a few of them again).
Canvas/Fabric bags
Tan heathered cotton bag with bronzed detail - 2 straps - 1 interior zipper pocket - Target
Black, Gray, and White cotton bag with pink interior - 2 straps - no pockets - Victoria's Secret
Brown and tan vertical stripes & Blue and white pattern cotton bag - 1 strap - 1 interior pocket - Old Navy
Patterned Fabric bag with charm detailing - 1 strap - 1 interior zippered pocket
White fabric bag with palm tree/brand design - 2 straps - no pockets - Billabong
Black faux leather clutch with bow detail - 1 cut-out handle - no pockets - Walmart
Mustard yellow faux leather bag with stud detail - 2 straps - 1 interior and 1 exterior pocket - Family Dollar
Taupe/Gray/Cream faux leather bad with rhinestone and stud detail - 2 straps - 2 interior and 1 exterior pocket - Boutique booth
Gray faux leather bag with bow and buckle detail - 1 strap - 2 interior pockets - Lane Bryant
Tote bags
Black canvas and faux leather tote - 2 straps - 2 exterior pockets and 1 interior zippered pocket- Walmart
Rollingstone magazine graphic tote - 2 straps - 1 interior zippered pocket - Walmart
Blue and white canvas tote - 2 straps - 1 exterior pocket and 1 interior zippered pocket - Free with magazine subscription
Slouchy hobo type handbags
Multi-colored striped fabric bag - 2 straps - 1 interior zippered pocket - Old Navy
Giraffe print faux leather bed - 1 strap - 2 interior pockets - Family Dollar
Larger Bags
Brown faux leather bag with gold detail - 2 straps- Lots of pockets! - Walmart
Brown leather bag with multi-colored heart detail and wood chain - 2 straps - 2 interior pockets- Ross
Orange faux leather bag with braided strap detail - 2 straps - 2 interior pockets - Platos Closet
Black faux leather bag - 2 straps - 2 interior pockets - Target
Red fabric and faux leather bag with buckle detail - 2 straps - 3 interior pockets - Don't know where

I hope you enjoyed!


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