Saturday, October 30, 2010

A little bit more Halloween

Hey Everyone, I had an office Halloween party on Friday and did the same Zombie look I showed you last week but tweaked it a little so I thought I would share the pictures:

This is actually slightly different than what I looked like at work because when I got home I was playing around with the look and I added the sparkle to my eyes and made the lips more purple.
I am seriously so impressed with my little ol' tube of red food coloring!
If you're wondering why I never smile in any of these pictures, it's because it totally ruins the whole thing. I don't even look like I'm dressed up for Halloween if I smile, I just look a girl with a bloody nose and crazy makeup, lol.

Just a little comparison of the first zombie look (Right) and this second one (Left)

My next Halloween look is going to be Snooki-inspired. I loved Blair's Snooki Tutorial and since I have the perfect foundation for it (Revlon nasty orange mess from Big Lots), I think that is what I will be today, I'm very excited!

Hope you've all been enjoying some fun Halloween activites!

Let me know what you are going to be for Halloween?


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