Saturday, April 19, 2014

Walmart grocery haul

one of my new favorite things to watch on youtube is grocery hauls and meal planning so when i got home from walmart i decided to do a video of the things i bought. i'm also writing a post of my meal plan for the next week and a half. first up, the groceries.

i like in a small rural area. there are two small grocery stores and a walmart. i do the majority of my shopping at walmart but it is 30 miles round trip so i can't just run to the store whenever i need something. my solution was to plan out everything my husband and i will need for the next week to a week and half and buy it all at once. i plan our dinners and what ingredients i will need and don't already have. i plan quick easy breakfasts and lunches for the work week and something more fun for the weekend (unless we're going out which we like to do on the weekend). then i make a list of the household/random things we need (it is walmart after all, you can get it all). this includes toiletries, cleaning products, cat and dog food, things for the car, things for projects, etc.

once i have my whole list i rewrite it in the order that i walk through the store. i hate having to backtrack and i feel like this makes the trip go more quickly.

once i have my list i'm ready to go. take a look at what i bought and stay tuned for my meal plan coming up next!


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