Friday, April 25, 2014

Quick WalMart Grocery Haul! {photos}

I needed to stop in at Walmart today after work to pick up a few things. It has been a week since I did our big grocery trip and I still have everything I need for dinner but I was out of things for breakfast, extras for lunch, some snacks, and quite a bit of produce. We also needed water bottles and puppy food so I made a short list. Here's what i got...

-28 pack of Nestle Pure Life water bottles

-1 head of romaine lettuce
I've really enjoyed making salads lately for lunch at work. I take whatever leftover meat we have from our dinner the night before (grilled chicken, ground beef taco meat, etc) and put it over lettuce with chopped veggies, lemon, & some kind of dressing.

-1 bag of frozen fruit (strawberries, peach, mango, &a pineapple)
-organic baby spinach
I picked these up for making smoothies. I'm so excited for warmer weather!

-Shredded mozzarella cheese
-4 pink lady apples
For breakfast at work

-5 bananas
For the smoothies

-H.K. Anderson cheddar cheese pretzel pieces
-Mini Pretzels covered with chocolate and butterfinger
Snacks for my husband and I.

-Lean Cuisine chicken ranch club flatbread melt
-Lean Cuisine salad additions in southwest style chicken
I got both of these to have for lunch at work. I've had the flatbread melt before and it was really food. I'm excited to try the salad mix

-Cinnamon Brown Sugar belVita breakfast biscuits
I was really surprised how much I liked these the first time I bought them. The come in packs with four biscuits in each pack and they are really quite filling. They are similar in taste to a graham cracker. They have different flavors but Cinnamon Brown Sugar is my favorite

-3 cups of Tillamook Lowfat French Vanilla Yogurt
-Great Value Medium Chunky Salsa
-1 package of cherry tomatoes (or maybe grape tomatoes... I can never remember the difference)

This trip came to a total of $51.00.

It'll have been 2 weeks since my last big Walmart trip before I need to go to the store again which means over two weeks I spent $200.00 on groceries. We budget a little over $400.00 month at Walmart (for not just food but all of our household items & pet supplies) so I'm right on track!


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