Tuesday, April 8, 2014

dinner at 10pm

some days i come home from work so motivated to clean the house, finish projects, play with ruby, and have a hot dinner waiting for my husband when he walks in the door. yesterday was like that. i really like mondays. i feel so productive on mondays. the work day goes by quickly. i leave in a good mood, and i get things done at home. {i keep these feelings to myself at work. most people i talk to don't share my outlook on mondays}.

yesterday was such a good day. at work i was able to take on new tasks in addition to my usual responsibilities. i left right on time. it was such a beautiful sunny day. i hurried home and ran some errands with the mister and ruby {of course}. after he left for the farm i took ruby out to the hill and let her run around and explore. the hill is one of my favorite places in the county. it is so quiet up there and you can see for miles. i love it there.

when ruby started wandering too far i knew it was time to come home. when i got home i did laundry, i cleaned my kitchen, i worked on an organizational project. i paid bills and did some filing at my newly set up desk in the kitchen. i played fetch with ruby in the backyard. i made my husband's lunch for the next day. i made chicken enchiladas for dinner. i even cooked half a chicken breast and shredded it up to use as treats for ruby this week because i've been wanting to incorporate natural healthy food into her puppy food diet. i was going going going on my feet all night until my husband got home at 9:15 and i gave him his dinner. then i showered and we talked in bed until we fell asleep.

those are my favorite nights. when i finally lay down in bed and i'm exhausted but it feels so good.

then there was today, tuesday.

i know this has all got to be in my head. mondays always go so well for me and i dread tuesdays. work was so slow today. i barely got everything done i needed to and that was with staying 30 minutes extra. i got home and i walked in the door with every intention of completing my to-do list. but i was tired already. and i had no motivation. i fed the animals. and then ruby got into something she shouldn't have and the cats were hissing at her and i just couldn't take it so out she went and with chips and salsa in hand i got in bed, turned on youtube videos and laid in bed until i fell asleep around 7.

i woke up at about 8:15 with the computer still on my lap. and i felt groggy and discouraged. i let the puppy in and tried to find the motivation to do something. instead i got back in bed, turned on hulu and watched last week's parenthood while cuddling with ruby. here i am at 10pm and i feel like i didn't accomplish anything tonight. nothing from my to-do list. i didn't make dinner. i didn't make adam's lunch. and i feel frustrated.

he still isn't home from the farm yet. i know if he comes home to a wife who spent the whole evening in bed while he was out working hard it will be discouraging for him too. so here's my game plan!

i'm going to post this, get up, make dinner {he'd gotta be home soon...}. while dinner is cooking i'm going to make his lunch. then i will have a happy husband with a full belly and tonight will not be a total loss!

and this is why i'm so glad i have him. he's my motivation. it might be a little late, but never too late!
ooo motivational thought for the day!

you might be running a little late but it is never too late.

see things are looking up already!

plus, i don't think i have any preconceived notions about wednesday so perhaps i'll decide to love them and tomorrow can be as good as monday. who's with me!?

ms. ruby sleeping next to me right now.


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