Thursday, April 3, 2014

Easy {DIY} Furniture Makeover!

A few years ago we were given these side tables and a matching entertainment center. They weren't really my style and I didn't have a need for them so they stayed in storage until I got up the courage to give them a makeover!

Take a look...

Here's what I used...

Now I use this as a nightstand in my guest room! 

I started distressing the bottom piece first. The piece I used as the top, as you can tell, looks a lot better. Apparently it takes some practice. I've learned that now and will remember for the future just because I can keep distressing in any which way I want doesn't mean I should...

Did I mention I love how it turned out!?
It was the first furniture redo I've ever tried but I'm already excited to try new again and redo a few other old ugly pieces in my house.


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