Sunday, April 6, 2014

our weekend

sunday night, again. another weekend come to an end.
i got to spend this whole weekend with my mister. this hasn't happened in while with the temps warming up and the farming season in full force. but i was blessed with some cold weather this weekend that encouraged my husband to stay home and i couldn't have been happier.

on friday i got off work a half hour early. i drove home in such a good mood {as fridays tend to do}. ruby was waiting for me on the lawn which {almost} always brings a smile to my face. once in the house i was feeling motivated to get some work done. i folded laundry, fed the pets, cleaned the kitchen counters, and picked up our bedroom.
as i was defrosting chicken for dinner adam got home and announced he'd be staying home for the night. we decided to go for a drive {one of our favorite past times in the country}. we loaded up ruby in the car, got drinks and snacks from the gas station, and begin our meandering adventure around the county. we ended up driving for almost two hours. ruby made it through hour one before falling asleep on the back seat.

when we got home i decided to make chicken parmesan over angel hair pasta for dinner while my husband took a shower. i used the recipe on the can of fire roasted tomato progresso recipe starters. i hadn't gone grocery shopping in almost 2 weeks and was running low on just about everything but was able to come up with a very small caesar salad and some garlic cheese bread made from a loaf of white bread. i'm so blessed to have a husband that loves everything i make and treats every meal {even sad excuses for garlic cheese bread} as if it gourmet cuisine. he loved the chicken parmesan. i was even pleasantly surprised with how it turned out and think i'll try it again some time soon. those progresso recipe starters are pretty good!

after dinner we got in bed with the puppy and watched sharktank and some mystery 20/20 kind of show. instead of putting ruby in her crate at nine like we usually do we decided to try leaving her out for the first time. she did so well all night and never got out of bed but she's quite the bed hog. and prefers my side of the bed far more than adam's. i woke up a lot with puppy paws in my side, in my back, or on top of me. she's lucky she is so fluffy and cute or i might have put her in her crate in the middle of the night. i was wishing i had at 6am when she decided it was time to wake up. she got up from the end of the bed, laid down on top of my, and licked my face. oddly enough i didn't go back to sleep. i was wide awake and ready to go so i started making a grocery shopping list on my phone. when my list was done i got ready for the day and with list in hand i headed out to walmart. 

i love grocery shopping in the early morning before the store gets crazy.i had a lot to buy since it'd been so long but i have a few projects in mind and needed to pick up supplies {gold spray paint, clearance picture frames, corkboard tiles, desk organizers...} another task i really enjoy is putting away all of the groceries when i get home. i love stocking the fridge & pantry, throwing out old food, reorganizing the shelves and cupboards, restocking the snack basket on the counter. i just love putting everything away. once that was done my mister and i went out to lunch.

we got calzones with a gift certificate from that were amazing! we can't wait to go back. then afterwards we looked for a new lawn mower for my husband. when we got home my husband had to go to the farm for a few hours so i spent that time listening to conference and working on a new organization system for my desk in the kitchen {i'll post pics soon, it turned out so well}. i decided very last second that two things needed to be spray painted so i gathered up my drop cloth, spray painted, and headed out to the covered patio. within minutes it was hailing so hard and loud i couldn't even hear the cars that drove by or the neighbors dogs barking. i had to take a break from the painting to hold down the tarp from the crazy strong wind. luckily it didn't last long and i was able to finish my project and get back inside before the rain started.

my husband got home just as i finished my project and after showering he decided it was time for bed... at 6pm. so i made him breakfast for dinner in bed {clever, huh}. We had cheesy scrambled eggs, bacon, and sweet rolls and had an ncis marathon starting with season 1. we'd been woken up so early by ruby that we were both out by 9pm. not the most glamorous saturday night but it was out kind of night. we are homebodies. night two of ruby in the bed went much better and i slept through the whole night. 

sunday morning was spent lounging in bed. at noon we went into the city and spent the afternoon with adam's parents. we had an early dinner of ribs and pasta salad {yum} before heading back home. we did dishes, cleaned the bathroom, put felt circles on the feet of our table and chairs, and then i did a little washi tape decorating of some clothespins i've had for a few years {again, pictures coming. it is such an easy craft}. adam decided we should continue the marathon so we turned on ncis and snuggled into bed with each other and the crazy dog. which brings me to right now.

these are my favorite kinds of weekends. when we wake up early but cuddle in bed. make good food at home. make time for each other. play with the animals. see our family. get things done around the house but still find time to relax and enjoy ourselves. i'm almost glad every weekend isn't this good because it makes me that much happier when they happen. 

scene from our drive

have a happy week.


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