Sunday, January 30, 2011

Things given to me approximately 30 days ago...

Hey Everyone! So I am ashamed to admit I never posted about the things I got for Christmas and I know it's ridiculous to do a Christmas Haul post... so pretend it's a birthday haul or weekend shopping haul or a haul of things given to me approximately a month ago :)

Nivea Gift Set (Not sure of price but I know it's from Ulta)

I got this adorable gift set from my sister. I love the Nivea Kiss of Smoothness lip balm and have a million so I was so excited to get another one. It also came with a travel size of the touch of smoothness body wash which I also already use and I am so glad to have a travel size. The set also included the Nivea creme lotion and the Nivea Smooth Sensations lotion. Finally, the Kiss of Shine lip gloss which I had always wanted to try but never got around to buying it.
Although it is just a clear gloss, I thought I would show it on my lips.

It is very smooth and shiny, which I love. The scent of it is hard to describe. It's very fresh and clean, so different from any gloss I've ever had. I really enjoy the scent but it's definitely not something I would want to taste which is great because I am a total lip gloss eater and when I'm wearing this I am conscious not lick or "smoosh" my lips together. Then my lip gloss lasts forever, it's really a win win situation.

The same sister got me this adorable note pad with my initial on it.
and a super cute pen :)
I believe she said they are from Borders.

With Love by Hilary Duff perfume and lotion set
I was at Walgreens shopping in November and saw this set for $20.00 and bought it for my husband to give to me. I have always wanted to try this perfume and was so excited to get a full size bottle and the lotion for such a great price..... turns out there was a reason it was so large and cheap. It smells like cheap old lady perfume. The lotion isn't quite as bad... but I just can't stand the perfume. It reminds me of Fancy by Jessica Simpson. I don't like that stuff either. Luckily this bottle is sooo pretty and will display quite nicely with my other perfumes.

Cutest eco-friendly/reusable shopping bags, EVER.

Another sister gave me these and I love them. The print on them is soooo cute. I want more. They make grocery shopping at Walmart in the boonies seem chic!

e.l.f. goodies from Santa Claus
Eyeshadow Duo in Olive, Natural Radiance Blusher in Shy, and Luscious Liquid Lipstick in Cherry Tart

Eyeshadow Duo in Olive
The light green is not in my comfort zone at all when it comes to eye makeup but I love the shimmery bronze color.

Natural Radiance Blusher in Shy
This blush is so very light I thought it best to point out where it is swatched.

Luscious Liquid Lipstick in Cherry Tart
I have so many of these glosses now and I love every single one. This shade is no exception. I love sheer red lip colors.

My husband also got me some e.l.f. products

Mineral Lip Gloss in Au Naturale

It's a really pretty sheer shimmery gold gloss

e.l.f. Mineral eyeshadows

And of course, out of all the shades to spill it had to be the black one. It's like the permanent marker of eyeshadows...

Super shimmery deep purple. I love love love to use this when I do a smokey eye look.

Mysterious (matte)
I'm a little disappointed in this color... mostly because I already have it. The Studio matte eyeshadow in Baked Berry is the exact same shade. It's not just the same shade but they are both matte and they are both loose shadows. What the heck!?

I did not think I was going to be obsessed with this color, but I totally am. This is my favorite shadow right now. It's the perfect uuber shimmery cream shade. I use it almost everyday as a highlight, inner corner, and inner third of my lid. I love it!!

I'm so glad this picture came out the way it did because this is exactly how the shade looks in person. It's a purple/brown with flashes of green/blue. It's such a unique shade, I love it.

I love how shimmery all of the (non-matte) mineral shadows are. Celebrity is no exception. It's a light tan shade that I love to line my bottom lash line with if I'm doing a really natural look and am not going to use eyeliner down there.

Seductive (matte)
Like I mentioned before, I think of this as the permanent marker of eyeshadows. It's such a dark, pigmented, almost inky black. I won't lie, I'm very hesitant to use this... but I think it is going to look so awesome when I finally do.

(Top, Left to Right) Seductive, Celebrity, Socialite
(Bottom, Left to Right) Royal, Mysterious, Elegant

(Top, Left to Right) Seductive, Celebrity, Socialite
(Bottom, Left to Right) Royal, Mysterious, Elegant

I'm quite happy with all the shades I got and I think I finally have all the Mineral Eyeshadows that I want... at least for now muwahaha!!

Those are some of the fun things I got for uhh... Oh fine it's my Christmas Haul and I'm a million years late and I'm SORRY! Lol. 

Anyways, I have a Drugstore haul coming up and then I have a CVS Beauty Clearance haul. Can I just tell you, I had no idea what I was missing when it comes to CVS. They don't have CVS in my state but when I was in Arizona I went twice and got the most amazing deals on the things I bought!! I can't wait to show you all everything!

I hope you all had a fantastic weekend and a great week to come.


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  1. Let us know how the Seductive(matte)eyeshadow comes out when u use it!