Tuesday, January 18, 2011

BeautyTicket.Com Haul!

Hey everyone, I hope you are all doing great and having a wonderful week.
I have my small haul from Beauty Ticket here and I wanted to show you the few things I got.
I kept it small because I didn't really know anything about the products I was ordering but for the most part, I'm pleasantly surprised.
I tried to order a nail polish but apparently it went out of stock and they refunded me for the amount. That's probably my biggest pet peeve about online shopping so it put a little bit of a damper on the experience.

Here the pictures!

This is the box it came in...

Too Faced Kitty Glitter in Purrfect
So I thought this was a loose shadow... but I do believe it's just a loose body glitter... disappointing for sure, but I will do something with it. It's a clear/white glitter with flashes of purple. The tiny little white puff with the light pink bow is sooo cute! Although this is kind of a pointless product, it's really cute. And hey, it's my first Too Faced product :) You gotta start somewhere...

It was like near impossible to get a picture, so I hope this will suffice...

Lola Cosmetics Face Bronzing Kit
Lola is a brand I have never heard of before but on Beauty Ticket it says this set normally sells for $75.00. They had it on their site for $20.00 and with the 50% off I got it for $10.00... That's crazy! I haven't tried any of these products yet but they are my favorite part of the order.

Lola Prime Effects Pure Pigment Infusion

I'm not 100% sure what this product is but after swatching it I think it's a liquid/mousse bronzer. The tiniest tiniest amount goes so far, I don't know how I will ever go through the whole thing. I will definitely need to play around with this a lot before I wear it out in public though because I think I could easily turn myself into a bronze colored monster... haha

Here's how it looks swatched and blended out

Oil-Free Creme Foundation Duo in Fair
From the picture on the website I thought this was a bronzing powder... clearly I didn't read the descriptions of anything. The compact is really pretty and I love the sponge that came with it. I do love pretty packaging... ;)

Lola Creme Blush in St. Tropez
I have a hard time with Creme Blushes, I'm still trying my hand at them and trying to figure how best to apply them to my face.

This blush swatches as a very pretty rosy bronze

Goldie lip gloss mini in Nylon
I had a Goldie lip gloss like 3 or 4 years ago that I got from Bath and Body Works. I remember it being really sticky then but it's really nice and smooth now. I love it. I think this color is really nice. It give my lips a nice gold sparkley sheen.

Swatch and on my lips

Mirrored Compact by Fluff

As the name suggests, this just a mirrored compact. I didn't have one for my purse and I thought this was so so cute. The compact it very sturdy so I know it will be able to survive its future in my purse, which is often rough. I like little girly feminine touches like this.

I know the haul is small but it gave me a taste for the website and company. I'm really interested in making another purchase from them in the future.

Have you ordered from BeautyTicket.com before? What did you get? Have you tried any of the products I got? Have you ever used something like the Lola Prime Effects? If so, what can I expect and what's a good way to apply it?


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