Monday, July 12, 2010

E.L.F. Haul #3 (and some itty bitty reviewing)

Hey Everyone!
I hope you are all having the most fabulous Monday! I'm home today with a very sick kitten :( But what better way to cheer up than with another E.L.F. Haul! I really don't buy E.L.F. this often I am just hauling everything I have bought since I discovered E.L.F. in December of 2009. This particular Haul is from 06/12/2010. I only have 2 more E.L.F. hauls, one from 06/15/2010 and one from 07/01/2010. Although I am still so bummed I missed E.L.F.'s Annual Sale... I just can't believe I missed 60% off.... BahHumBug!
On to the haul!!
Studio Line Blush in Peachy Keen, $3.00
With Flash........................Without Flash
This is a beautiful peachy-pink with gold shimmers and I think it's perfect for summer!
Nail Polish in Desert Haze, $1.00
My picture.............E.L.F.'s Picture
I wanted to show E.L.F.'s picture and my own because there is often a lot of confusion about what the color will really look like when it arrives at your doorstep. Both pictures are very similar. This color is the lightest gray taupe I have ever used. To be honest it's too light for my skin tone and washes me out, but I think it'd be perfect for darker skin tones.
From Left to Right
Waterproof Eyeliner Pen in Black and Ash $1.00, Studio Angled Foundation Brush $3.00, Studio Blush Brush $3.00, Studio Concealer Brush $3.00, Studio Small Angled Brush $3.00, Mineral Blemish Powder & Brush $8.00
  • As I have said before the eyeliner pen is my HG liner. I love it. I was disappointed in Ash, it's the exact same as Black. I was really looking for a slat gray liner.
  • The foundation brush is my first brush for liquid product and I am really excited.
  • The blush brush is a smaller version of the complexion brush which makes it great for highlight and contour.
  • I haven't used the small angled brush but I plan to use it with my pretty coffee cream eyeliner.
  • I confused the concealer brush with the eye shadow "C" brush which is on it's way in the mail with a different order, and really hated it until today I was watching a video of pinkSUGARR09 on YouTube (Visit her here: and she was using the "C" brush which didn't look like mine and that's when I made the connection. Such a dumb blond moment lol! So when I use this for concealer I will let you know haha.
  • I haven't started using the Mineral Blemish Powder but it comes with a cute little brush that is super soft. I'm excited to use this because I have heard you really see results within a couple weeks. One thing that was disappointing is I thought the product would be bigger since it's the most expensive single product (Excluding palettes and sets) but there is only 0.10 oz of product which I would've known if I paid attention when I ordered. But I guess since it's mostly for spot treatment this should be enough.

Mineral Lipstick in Natural Nymph, $5.00
E.L.F.'s picture.......My Picture

I realize these look really similar but for some reason I was expecting it to be slightly more pinky. It's not. It kind of reminds me of concealer or a chalky primer. BUT it looks great when I layer pink glosses over it. Another plus of this product is that it's so pigmented it completely cancels out the natural color of my lips and not many lippies do that. So not the color I was anticipating but still a marvelous product. I LOVE the mineral lipsticks. (Another reason I can't get over that I missed the annual sale, they would have only been $2.00... Gah! My heart is broken a little....)
Candy Shop Lip Gloss in coconut crazed, price unknown
I have 3 of these Candy Shop Lip Tins and the reason I don't know the price is because I have gotten 1 for free with every order. After you place your order there is a place for you to enter 3 email addresses to share E.L.F. with friends and family and then they include a lip tin with your order. I looked for them on the site but couldn't find a price so mine were free and that might be the only way you can get them. I also have Melon Mayhem (coral) and Mocha Madness (brown with gold shimmer). They are sheer, shimmery, scented glosses that are good for throwing in your purse if your lips ever need a little glossy pick-me-up. I'm not a fan of lip products where you use your finger for application, but again they were free so who's complaining, right?
Okay that's everything from the haul #3. E.L.F. is really a fantastic company and I really recommend it to EVERYONE.
I hope you saw something you want to try.
gotta go back to taking care of the kitten

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