Friday, July 9, 2010

E.L.F. Haul #2 (cont'd)

Finally, I am going to finish my second E.L.F. haul! I'm not going to review them though. A short opinion or two but trying to review a whole haul is exhausting... which is probably why people don't do it. At least not all in one sitting. So here is the haul! Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! E.L.F. Eye Lash Curler, $1.00I have never used an eye lash curler before so I thought this would be a good start. I have used it a few times already and am loving the results. It's a shame using an eye lash curler seems like such a daunting task because curled eye lashes are gorgeous!
Nail Polish in Chocolate, $1.00
I really like E.L.F. polishes. I don't generally spend more than $2.00 on a single polish so these are right in my price range. Now I would just like it to be known, I did not want this color! I had this and Mint in my shopping cart, I went to remove Chocolate and apparently removed Mint. You can imagine my surprise and disappointment when I opened my package and found this. One coat is so dark it looks black. Why buy a black brown when you could just buy a black!? I don't recommend this. The End.
Now on to a color I loooove....
Nail Polish in Lilac, $1.00
It takes 3 coats to reach it's true color and it's the perfect purpley color. This pastel is so popular right now! Why not snag it for $1.00?!
Nail Polish in Smokey Brown, $1.00
Another satisfying purchase from my favorite company! This is a perfect gray-ish tan. It takes the same 3 coats as lilac to reach perfection.

Studio Line complexion brush, $3.00
I love this brush. I didn't really use brushes before this but now I own the whole line. The brush is soooo soft and holds product really well. I use this for EVERYTHING! It works for blush, bronzer, and powder. (Pressed and Loose). If you don't have any brushes or don't want to spend the money on high end brands, order the E.L.F. Studio line because they are super high quality!
E.L.F. Waterproof Eyeliner Pen in Coffee, $1.00
I give you my Holy Grail eyeliner!
I have blond hair and medium light skin and frequently find black eyeliner looking too harsh on my face so I gravitate towards browns.
This is a beautiful brownish bronze. And the quality is fabulous. Thick, Thin, Straight, Smudged, Winged. I grab this brush EVERY time. It lasts all day. It comes in Black, Ash, Coffee, Midnight, and Plum. Trrrry It!
Eye Widener pencil in White, $1.00
Disappointing. Doesn't work on the waterline. Not pigmented enough to work anywhere else. I'm not giving up yet though. I will find a good use for this... I hope.
Natural Radiance Blusher in Flushed, $1.00
This blush is super soft, super pigmented, and SUPER pink... I have yet to pull it off. But it's beautiful to look at in the mean time.
Natural Radiance Blushed in Glow, $1.00
I had to use the picture off their website because before it ever touched my face all the product crumbled. :( I was so sad. Please take note of how this package opens. You apply pressure to the top and bottom and then pull them in opposite directions and it's difficult and annoying and now the product is a loose powder instead of pressed. As for the color, it's a lot more orangey red with tons of gold shimmer. (If you have tried E.L.F. you know they sure like there shimmer.) I have used it as eye shadow with browns and bronzy shades and it looks really pretty. Just a little thought.
Studio Line Cream Eyeliner in Coffee, $3.00
I had never tried a cream eyeliner before...

..Oh and I still haven't...
For the silliest reason ever, It looks so pretty. I don't want to mess it up. I bought a brush to use it with but I haven't been able to make my self ruin that perfect coffee colored swirl.. Plus I have my holy grail eyeliner pen. As soon as I can bring myself to use it I will let you know. For now, it sits as a beautiful decoration on my vanity.
Studio Line Bronzer in Golden, $3.00

I call it a highlighter.
But it's in the beautiful matte packaging of the whole studio line and it's a fantastic highlighter. It gives a beautiful natural glow.
So this is my 2nd E.L.F. haul. I have 3 more to go.... I'm slightly obsessed with this company.
Ahhh... Can I rant for a second though. They just had their Annual Sale of 60% off and I missed THE WHOLE THING. It ended this past Tuesday and I didn't hear about it until tonight... :( I'm so upset. It case you haven't thought it through, that makes my HOLY GRAIL EYELINER $0.40... I am going to bed heartbroken tonight.
Night everyone!

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