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July Favorites! Skincare, Beauty, Food, & Memories!

I can't believe July is over and we are already a week into August! 2014 is flying by!
I've gathered up some favorite things from July and want to share them with you today.

I'll start with some random favorites 
(all my favorites are random to be honest. but these are even more random and could not be categorized)

Lily Pad Press greeting cards (purchased at Walmart)

Pens - I ordered these pens online from Staples in May (i think) and I have been loving them ever since. They came in a pack with black, purple, aqua, pink, and green but the black and purple have been my favorites. They write so nicely and the best part is, they don't bleed through paper! (I also think my handwriting looks cuter when I use these pens)

Cards- It might seem weird to have a favorite greeting card line but I had 3 birthdays in July and my anniversary August 1 so I bought 4 cards from this line in July and I have purchased from them in the past. The cards are really nice quality, unique, and absolutely adorable. I hate having to wander around the aisles trying to find a card when most of them are cheesy and embarrassing. I love knowing I can walk right to this section and find exactly what I'm looking for. These cards are the best!


As always, these makeup wipes are my favorite. Every time I try a different brand I am disappointed. They are less than $5 for 25 wipes. The cloth is thick and feels nice on the skin. They are wet enough, even down to the last cloth. They are gentle and they really do remove my makeup. I have found they are better for face makeup than eye makeup (like liquid liner or mascara) but they can still do the job it just takes a little more work. I love them. I'd totally recommend them to anyone in a heart beat.

Deodorant is skincare, right!? I know it might seem weird sharing (or even having) a favorite deodorant but July was hot here in Utah and every day I found myself grateful for such an awesome deodorant. So here I am. Sharing that deodorant with you.... :)
Seriously though. This stuff smells awesome. Lasts all day. Keeps me from sweating. & doesn't leave marks on my clothes. WHAT MORE COULD YOU ASK FOR IN A DEODORANT!?

I purchased this oil a while back from WalMart and just fell back in love with it. The first time I heard about cleansing oils (a few years back in an email from sister) I thought it was idea ever. I already have oily skin so why would I want to put more oil on it? Then a little while later I read this blog post from someone with oily skin who loved cleansing oils. Not too long after that I got free sample of a cleansing oil and I loved it but I never bought any because I didn't want to pay for a high end cleansing oil. And then Garnier released their Nourishing Cleansing Oil AND put a coupon in my Glamour magazine. The rest is history. I love this stuff. I'll admit it feels really weird at first rubbing oil all over my face but it is so gentle, it lifts away all of my makeup, and it is amazing AMAZING at removing all kinds of eye makeup. I just rub it in and rinse it off. I have found the rubbing and rinsing goes so much easier when I use this little silicon scrubby pad I got from Sephora. It is super soft so I even use it on my eyes and it helps take everything off even quicker.

I could talk about this forever because I love it that much. Oh, one last thing. It says on the bottle "Dry Skin" but I haven't had any issues with it and I have oily/combination, acne prone skin. I would imagine it works well on any skin type though because it is so gentle.

I have another product to rave about. I have been searching for the right drugstore toner my whole life (practically) and I have finally found it. I have tried many high end toners (the Mario Badescu Seaweed Cleansing Lotion being my favorite) but hated paying the high end price. I've always tried many drugstore toners and hated how harsh and drying they were. Then along came this little guy. It is calming, gentle, soothing, fragrance free and doesn't dry out my skin in the slightest. And it is only $3 or $4. I'm so in love and so glad I finally tried this toner. I imagine this is the start of a beautiful relationship.... :)

I ordered this hand cream a year or two ago from Sephora and found myself using it nightly in July. I kept it in my nightstand and before bed I would use a small amount on my hands. I love the unique scent and the light texture. It soaks in quickly and leaves my hands feeling really soft. It is in this really cool metal packaging which I think looks so cute. It was pricey, I definitely splurged on this but I'm so glad I did because it is such a favorite.


These two have been my favorite lip combo throughout July (and still into August). The Revlon lip butter is just a little too pink for me so I don't like wearing it alone. The Almay gloss is pretty much the color of my lips and doesn't show up as much more than a sheen. Together though I get the pretty pink lip butter and can tone it down a bit & add a nice gloss with the Almay liquid lip balm. Plus, it is always nice to find moisturizing lip products that also look cute!

I got this perfume sample in an Ipsy bag a few months ago (June maybe?) and I used the entire thing in July. It is a larger sample size than the usual free sample you get online. Realtree actually sells this size on their website. I immediately fell in love with the scent and wore it every day until it was gone. It is a sweet but fresh scent that isn't overwhelming. I was really pleased to see on their website that a full size bottle is only $20! I love finding perfumes that smell good and don't cost an arm and a leg!


I'm obsessed with Plain Greek Yogurt! But don't go thinking I eat this for breakfast with fruit and granola. Oh no! I use this with lunch and dinner in place of sour cream! I've used it on all kinds of mexican food dishes. I've mixed it in to cream sauces. Stirred in seasonings and made it into a dip for chips and veggies. It tastes exactly the same and is so much healthier! My husband can't even tell the difference!

Reusable Water bottle (purchased at WalMart)

Another favorite from July was my reusable water bottle. It doesn't have a brand name anywhere but I have been purchasing this water bottle at WalMart for years. I have had green, purple, and now I'm using blue. I like the size, that its double walled, and the straw. I find it easy to use, not too heavy, and holds enough water that I don't feel like I'm constantly having to refill it. Plus, I love that the mouth of the bottle is wide enough I can easily add ice cubes right from my freezer!



I have been loving the blog Pink Peonies. I discovered the blog in July and quickly became addicted. I love her style, beautiful home, and cute puppy dog! She has the most amazing wardrobe and closet to store it in. She's even from Utah which is exciting (to me 'cuz I live in Utah so it might not matter to you lol). I definitely recommend checking out her blog (link above).


I really got back into Rookie Blue this season and have been watching all of the episodes on Hulu. I don't find myself watching as much TV in the summer because my usual shows run in the fall/winter so it is nice to find something I look forward to watching each week.

Favorite Memories!

July was a really great month for me and I hope it was the same for you! It started out with Fourth of July weekend. My husband and I stayed home instead of traveling up to be with family so I planned lots of good food (which you can see here What We Ate: 4th of July Weekend). We watched the fireworks on a sleeping bag in our backyard since our city sets them off just a few blocks from our house. They always put on a really good show!

I did go up to be with family on other weekends, and even had family come down to my house! My parents came down for dinner one night and we had a little BBQ. I spent the weekend at their house and went to the Aquarium with my best friend (which you can see here Weekend Vlog to the Aquarium). Then my 4 month old niece slept over at my parent's house. I always love getting to spend time with her. I think she is just the cutest! A few weeks later I got to have another sleep over with my niece when my brother came down to the visit and stay the night!

My husband had a lot of farming to do in July and when he wasn't farming he was building his derby car for a a Demolition Derby. Yep, he spends all year building the car so that he can drive around in an arena with a bunch of crazy guys and they crash their cars into each other. Boys are silly. The derby was towards the end of July and he had a lot of fun. This is his second derby with that car and he says he thinks he can get a third out of it!

My best friend came down for the derby (it was her first) so it was fun watching with her. Then we had a 2 day sleepover which was so much fun. She lives about an hour away so when she is in town we hang out a lot! We went out to eat, did a little shopping, and watched 6 or 7 movies! It was a blast!

There were three birthdays in my family in July. First was my brother's girlfriend. Then my husband. And the last day of July was my other brother's birthday. I had a lot of fun shopping for birthday presents and picking out birthday cards! I even took my husband on a birthday shopping spree but he didn't really buy anything for himself (I think he bought things for the yard and something for the dog. Like I said... boys are silly.)

I ended the month by getting my wisdom teeth out on the 31st. I wasn't thrilled about getting it done (especially since it was the day before our 5 year wedding anniversary) but I was having a lot of pain in my mouth so it needed to be done.

I'm very excited for August and I can't wait for Fall to be here so the weather can start cooling down! Plus, my birthday is in September! There are lots of good things to look forward to. I hope the same for you!

Thanks for stopping by!

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