Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Cute & Affordable School Supplies from Walmart! {+ a few beauty products}

I made two trips to WalMart recently. The first was to pick up a prescription (which obviously meant I needed to wander through the school supply section) and the second was with my friend to purchase things we didn't need (which resulted in the purchase of a few beauty products).

Take a look...

Covergirl -- Line Exact liquid eyeliner & Lashblast Volume mascara 
(both in color: Very Black)

I had a coupon for $3.00 off any 2 Covergirl products. I decided to purchase an old favorite I was out of and try something new! I have loved lashblast volume for years. It is always my favorite mascara to go back to. The eyeliner however, was a new product for me. 
I've been loyal to the L'Oreal Lineur Intense liquid eyeliner for quite some time but the small packaging is part of what drew me to this CG product. If you've ever seen the L'Oreal liner you know the lid is ridiculously long. Like... doesn't make sense it is so long. I thought perhaps this would be easier to work with. I do love the size but I've been having a hard time getting as thin a line as I would like. I don't know if the felt tip is too thick or what but my liner always turns out too thick when I use this. I also feel like it is a little too dry. I'm having to go over certain spots multiple times to achieve an opaque black. 
To be quite honest, I don't think I'd purchase it again. I have such better luck with the L'Oreal liner I think I'll just stick with that.

Olay Fresh Effects {Everything Off} Deluxe Make-up Removal wet cloths

Whenever I talk about makeup wipes I always say the Simple Cleansing Wipes are my favorites and that I'm always disappointed when I try a different brand. I went to Walmart to pick up a pack of those exact wipes but Walmart was out!!! (People are catching on, they're the best). These caught my eyes on the shelf below. I've seen them talked about on YouTube (I'm pretty sure those people were paid to talk about them though... so I never trusted their opinion) so I decided to check out the package. They are almost a dollar cheaper for the same number of wipes and I figured I would like something called "Deluxe Make-up Removal Wet Cloths". 
I was wrong.
These aren't wet. Not nearly wet enough. And the fragrance in them is so overpowering it makes my eyes burn! The cloths feel thin like they will rip easily. It says on the package that it removes waterproof eye make-up. I can't even get it to remove regular mascara. I would hate to try waterproof.
 Gahh.... I hate them. I'm going to finish the package because I won't waste them. But I want it to be known I hate them. The only thing going for it is its cute packaging. That's all.

Now on to the really fun stuff! The school supplies (or since I'm not really going back to school we will call them really cute office supplies!)

Scotch Magic Tape + bonus roll of Scotch Expressions tape

I bought the 3 rolls of plain ol' tape so I could get the "free" role of freakin' cute patterned tape. I think it stems from my washi addiction. I will say it was only $2.97 for all 4 rolls and I will save the three plain rolls as backups at my desk. So they won't go to waste but yes, I bought it just for that one cute roll. And how cute it is!? I mean, really. I can't wait to start using it!

Post-it Super Sticky Notes

I bought one pad of Post-it notes in a bright coral pink color I didn't already have. I'm somewhat addicted to Post-it notes and couldn't resist the color... It was cheap though. And you can never have enough sticky notes so I felt justified :)

College Ruled 5 subject poly notebook (8.26 x 6.75)

I'm a sucker for cute notebooks. The cute purple cover and the different colored tabs of this notebook are right up my alley. I like that it isn't quite a full size notebook which makes it easy to carry in my purse but is still large enough for substantial lists (I write big lists...). I'm also a fan of the plastic-y tabs. I think it will help them last longer and hold up to wear and tear!

Studio C The Sugarland Collection 5 subject notebook

The print. Did you see the print? I love the print. Gahh this is so cute! And what can I say... I always need notebooks and it is nice to find ones that are both cute AND sturdy. The cardboard cover and tabs are very thick and sturdy. I like having notebooks to corral all of my lists together and one with tabs means I can categorize my lists too!

Studio C The Pattern Play collection folder with pockets

I was so excited to see this folder! I think it will be a great organization tool and its so cute! I'm a full believer that organization and home management can be cute! Aside from the adorable color and pattern these folders feel sort of plastic-y/vinyl (that might be the totally wrong description but I just mean to get across that it isn't paper) so it is going to last! It won't tear or fray like paper does which makes it a great long-term addition to my home management organization system.

Imagination Academic Year weekly/monthly dated planner

You might be thinking "But Brittany, you just bought a planner not too long ago, why do you need another one!?" Well, I was finding that there were so many things I wanted to write in that small planner that I was running out of room. When I saw this adorable planner for $9.00 I knew I had to pick it up. I'm thinking of using it for finances and cleaning. That might seem like a weird combination but the biggest lists I make are cleaning lists and the things I forget most are finances (most of our bills are automatic but I just want to be more aware of when things are going to go through and I think keeping track of it in a space that is less cramped will help me achieve that). Then I can save my small planner for appointments, birthdays, fun plans, etc.

That's everything I picked up! I'm really excited about the new office supplies I picked up. There is something about school supply season in the stores that makes me want to wander every aisle of every store with a "Back to school" section. (& pick up a few cute things, lets be honest)

Thanks so much for stopping by!

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