Saturday, August 23, 2014

Quick Mid-week Grocery Haul

Happy Saturday!

I have a couple pictures from when I stopped at Walmart earlier this week to get some groceries and a few odds & ends we needed. My grocery schedule has been a little off lately and I haven't been going every Thursday like I used to. This week we had mostly everything we needed for dinners but ran out of a few things for lunch. We needed a few toiletries and some party decorations for a craft project at work. I am not a fan of these small in between shopping trips so I'm determined to get back on regular shopping schedule!

The food...

Bread: Harper's Homemade Bran Bread
Milk: Great Value 1% Milk
Lunch Meat: Oscar Mayer DeliFresh Cracked Black Pepper Turkey Breast
Sliced Cheese: Kraft American Singles && Sargento Ultra Thin Cheddar-Jack
Shredded Cheese: 4 Cheese Mexican


Party Decorations: 2 blue/1 white paper tissue balls (which I'm using to make 3D paper fish)
12 pk aqua colored balloons (to make some octopus)
Red party plates (which I'm using to make paper crabs)
3 pk paper tissues fans (I'm using to make jellyfish)
Aqua streamers (for the octopus & jellyfish)
Yellow streamers (for the octopus & jellyfish)

Toiletries: Degree Men deodorant twin pack
Revlon Colorstay foundation for oily/combination skin 

If you are interested in what we've been having for dinner lately click  here!

Thanks for stopping by!

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