Thursday, August 28, 2014

Home & Craft Haul: Dollar Tree, Hobby Lobby, & Walmart

A couple weeks ago my husband and I spent our day off up in the city doing a little shopping! I want to share with you what I picked up!

First up is Dollar Tree! This was the first time I'd been to a Dollar Tree in years but I couldn't resist picking up some of the awesome bins I hear about all the time on YouTube to do some organizing in my home. Here are the bins I picked up...

I'm very excited for the bins on the far left because of their super convenient handles! And the three matching bins along the top have little plastic pieces that allow them to stack nicely on top of one another!

Hobby Lobby!

I went to Hobby Lobby in search of frames because I had ordered several prints from but didn't have frames to put them in yet. I lucked out because Hobby Lobby had all of their frames 50% Off!

I also got these adorable stickers for 50% off. I couldn't resist them.

I love the design on this frame and that it is off white and distressed! Totally my style!

I love the color and style of this frame. I think it looks really pretty with the white and gold print.

This frame is very simple and versatile with its smooth white edges. It feels like it is very nice quality which makes me even happier it was 50% off!

I had initially purchased this frame with the intent to spray paint it. I still might but I thought it looked nice just the way it is so I kept it.


I only grabbed a few things from Walmart. They were both impulse buys but luckily they were CHEAP impulses!

The markers were $0.75 and I brought them to work! I couldn't pass up the burlap-esque sticker labels. I found these with the stickers for $2.00.

Here's a better look at them against a white background.

That's everything I picked up for now! I already have the pictures hung and I love the frames I picked out! Next project is the organizing!


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