Friday, May 30, 2014

What's on the menu? {Meal planning 5/29-6/4}

I used to do my grocery shopping on whatever day we ran out of food and I would drag my husband along {literally drag, he hates grocery shopping}

Then I started planning our meals and we would go every Saturday. That worked for a while except that the stores are so busy on Saturday. I hated how crowded the aisles were! I tried Mondays but they were just as busy. I finally settled into a routine of going on Tuesday. The stores were quiet. The aisles mostly empty. And I could just stop at the store on my way home from work. It was perfect. Especially for my husband because I would go alone. I actually started enjoying grocery shopping because I enjoyed the time alone. I was free to wander the aisles or hurry through my list. Tuesday was my day. That is until I decided I wanted to start price matching!

The ads for the two grocery stores in the area arrive in the mail on Wednesday. That meant I was doing all of my shopping on Tuesday, getting the ads on Wednesday, and not being able to price match for a whole week when I went back to the store. It wouldn't matter if I could find everything at Walmart but since there are sometimes things on sale at the grocery stores that Walmart doesn't carry I want to be able to go to that grocery store and pick those things up before they are out of stock!
{like last week a grocery store had ground beef on sale $2.79/lb. That is like UNHEARD of these days. It was right before the holiday weekend though and they ran out QUICK so I wasn't able to get any because I didn't go right away.}

So I have changed my grocery plan!
I will get the ads on Wednesday, go through them, figure out what I want to price match, make my menu plan, & my shopping list. Then on Thursday after work I will do the grocery shopping!

This is the first week I'm trying out this new schedule but so far so good!

Take at look at my meal plan for the next week...

What are you having this week?


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