Saturday, May 10, 2014

Decorate with washi tape: Envelopes!

I, like everyone else these days, have an addiction to washi tape. My ever growing collection is my little pride & joy! But I get a lot of comments from my husband, family, & friends wondering what I actually do with all that washi tape so I wanted to show you real quick one of the easy projects I did with my collection.

I was writing in and assembling mother's day cards and a birthday card the other day. I was admiring the cute cards I had picked out but when I closed the envelopes they suddenly looked so plain. My washi collection was practically screaming at me to decorate the envelopes. Here's how they turned out!

{birthday card}

I love how this turned out! The colors are so bright and fun! This yellow envelope was so boring before & it only took me two minutes to transform!

{mother's day}

The tape on this envelope is a little more simple than the last but I still think it looks really nice. This card has pink in it so I wanted the card to reflect that.

I really like the washi I used on this envelope. The multi color polka dot washi is the newest to my collection so I was happy I could incorporate it on this envelope and then coordinate it with other washi's that match the dots.

Then I sealed it shut with a small piece on the back because I had to use more of the polka dots!

And voila! Now the envelopes are as cute as the cards inside!

I love washi tape. If you haven't tried any then go online, spend a few dollars, and order your first roll.
You'll be hooked.

{I order mine on because they have really great sales! I'm just sayin'...}


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