Sunday, May 22, 2011

NYX - Diamond Sparkle Gloss Set (with swatches)

NYX cosmetics were on Hautelook about a month ago and I couldn't resist taking a peek at what they had on sale. Now clearly I did not need what I purchased but I REALLY wanted it. Which brings us to this post, because of course, I gave in and bought...

13 Piece NYX - Diamond Sparkle Gloss Set, $21.50

These glosses are really smooth and pigmented. They don't feel sticky at all. A few of the shades have slightly larger shimmers in them as opposed to the majority which have very fine shimmer.
I've found the swatches on your arm aren't always 100% accurate to what they look like on your lips so what did I do?
Oh yes, I put on and took off 13 glosses in one sitting. They are posted in the order I put them on and you might notice by the end my lips are looking a little abused, I hope you don't mind.

Let's take a look...

Bare lips with lip balm

Silver Sparkle

Pink Sparkle

Rust Sparkle

Paprika Sparkle

Copper Sparkle

Fuschia Sparkle

Red Sparkle

Ginger Sparkle

Orange Sparkle

Beige Sparkle

Gold Sparkle
(Ke$ha much?!)

Walnut Sparkle

Bronze Sparkle

As you can see these are not all totally wearable colors. I think my favorite and most wearable are Pink, Beige, Orange (When applied with a light hand), Ginger, and Bronze.
Others that I think would look best applied sheerly over another lip gloss or lip stick are Copper, Fuschia, and Red. Some of the reddish shades are pretty similar and not even I can tell the difference.
Others are just crazy. Case in point: GOLD!
Haha just kidding, I think with a nude lip and a hint of the gold gloss might actually look really cute! 

Those are all of my NYX glosses that came in the set.
Who cares that I had to buy another small set of plastic drawers just so I could organize and house these nicely with my other lip products...
In my defense, I have already given away one of the glosses.

Don't judge me for my addiction to makeup :)


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  1. Wow, thank you so much for the swatches...I love it ^^
    I hope there's a rose shade too =D