Saturday, May 21, 2011

Every day may not be good, but there's something good in every day.

I had such a good Saturday
I woke up at 8:30. When I saw how sunny it was outside I decided it was time for the mister to wake up as well. How did I wake up him up you ask? I spent twenty minutes telling him it was 10:30 and that he was sleeping that day away. Needless to say, it worked. He got up. Didn't take him long to realize he had been tricked though. I'm so sneaky.
We went to the post office to mail some surprise packages.
Then to Subway for breakfast. We had never had their breakfast sandwiches before but they were super yummy and filling!
We finished breakfast at about 11am and off we went to adventure around the county

I met a wood pecker for the first time

Found a tulip amidst the jungle of the front yard

Found a family of pigs (my favorite animal)

I couldn't believe how tiny and cute all the piglets were

I want a tree just like this when I buy a house

Passed an old man on a four wheeler with an old fat pug
in a basket on the front of the four wheeler

Saw quite a bit of beautiful farm land.

My husband washed my car for me.

Then the husband disappeared for a while to go play with his friends and I decided to tackle organizing my vanity.

I cleaned, organized, and threw away SO much junk. I didn't realize how much had accumulated but it sure felt good to clean up this messy corner of my bedroom.
Then I got a call from a friend of mine asking if mister and I could come help her load some rabbit cages she had sold onto the back of the buyers trailer. We rushed on over and brought along three other guys to help move the cages. Little did anyone realize how large the cage was. The buyer didn't bring a trailer so the cage had to be lifted....

Largest rabbit cage I have ever seen. I'm still wondering how their drive home went...
There were ten people there total. Getting those cages moved was quite the entertaining ordeal. I'm sure glad she called us to come help.
Then the husband and I had dinner and headed straight for bed

only to find half our bedroom floor soaked with water
Thursday night landlord came down to mess with somethingorother having to do with the water
Turns out he didn't tighten somethingorother enough and it has been leaking for days
The closet under the stairs is full of water which seeped through the walls and left our carpet and box spring sopping wet.
The icing on the cake though was the conversation as landlord appeared to be leaving.
Us: "Landlord, what is your plan for our soaked carpet and bed?" Landlord: "Oh it'll dry"
... Awesome.

Now our mattress is on the ground in our living room and we will be camping out here for a few days while "it dries"
Oh well at least the rest of the day was nice, right?

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