Monday, February 28, 2011

February Favorites

Hey Everyone! Happy March!! Along with everyone else it seems, I can't believe we are already in our 3rd month of 2011! I only have a few favorites from February, I kept things pretty simple all month.

Here we go....


e.l.f. Mineral Eyeshadow in Elegant
This is my favorite mineral eyeshadow of the 12 I have from e.l.f. It's a smooth and ULTRAshimmery creamish white eyeshadow. I love it for all over my lid, highlight, inner corner, everywhere.

CoverGirl Fresh Complexion pocket powder foundation in 610 classic ivory
I love setting my foundation with a powder foundation. I love the coverage and I love how long lasting it is. This is like my 5th repurchase of this and I actually just bought a replacement for this one last night. It lasts me about 2 months and retails for around $7.00.

eos lip balm in Honeysuckle Honeydew
I have really been relying on my lip balm this month with this freezing cold weather. I always had this with me no matter where I was going. eos lip balm is a staple to my everyday living haha, that sounds so dramatic but I love it!


Garnier Nutritioniste Moisture Renew Gel-Cream
I briefly lost my moisturizer at the end of January and my skin lost it's mind and started breaking out and got super dry and was just awful. Since re-purchasing, I'm even more in love with this than I was before. I have found that I need to use more than I was originally applying but a little goes a long way so it doesn't use up the product super fast even when I feel like I'm slathering it on.


Bath&Body Works Moisturizing Conditioner in Coconut Lime Verbena
I got this product in both shampoo and  the conditioner. Although there is nothing wrong with the shampoo, the conditioner has really been the all star product for me. It has the texture of whipped body butter. I don't think it's a texture everyone will like, but I'm obsessed. I love how thick it is and it makes my hair so so soft when I get out of the shower, not to mention the amazing smell!


With Love by Hilary Duff + Sweet Pea Perfume
As you can recall, I hated the With Love perfume.... on its own. Turns out I quite like it with my sweet pea perfume. I do 1 spritz of With Love and then 2 spritzes of Sweet Pea and I get the perfect balance of sweet&floral with a little muskyness.


O.P.I. Nail Polish in Bright Lights Big Color
I know I just barely showed you guys this but I have loved it all month! The color is gorgeous, quality fantastic, and come one, I can't help being excited about my first O.P.I. :)


Flower Stud earrings from Target

Pearl stud with Gold accent from H&M
Yes, that is a mirror image of one stud. I wore them so much... I misplaced one of them. :( They are the first item I have ever had from H&M, I got them from my sister in a set of like 8 studs.


My favorite clothing combo this month...
White v-necks with cardigans. I loooove them! I have like a billion cardigans from Old Navy and my favorite combo is to throw them over a white v-neck and either a long necklace or a big scarf. It's so comfortable and makes getting dressed so quick. I'm definitely not a morning person and when I have to be to work at 7:30am everyday and have a 30 minute commute, not having to think in the morning is a big help.


TV: 90210, Mike&Molly, and Parks&Recreation

What are your favorites from February?


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