Friday, February 25, 2011

Valentines Day Presents

i was going to have this in with my collective haul of february
                   valentines day is too cute to smoosh it in with the rest of the month
  so here it is :)

          the adorable homemade card from my mother
 homemade apron my moms friend made                                                                                        

i asked my sister to pick me up one of the free candles from b&bw
it's so tiny and cute
she gave it to me on v-day 

adorable tiny sparkly heart clutch
perfect for baubles (spelled correctly this time)
bobby pins earrings
and general cuteness on my vanity

it goes so well

my hubby got me perfume

this smells


and this adorable makeup bag/case/travel set

he even picked it out all by himself!

although i was a bit of valentines day scrooge leading up to it
the day of was pretty good

what did you do for valentines day?
spend it with someone special?
or just spoiling yourself?


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