Wednesday, February 23, 2011

My First O.P.I. Nail Polish!

This is a very exciting post for me because I get to show you all my very first O.P.I. nail polish!!

I got this from my sister for Christmas but when I went to see her in January I was going to exchange it for And This Little Piggy (because I absolutely adore pigs) but they didn't have it at the Ulta we went to so I chose....

Bright Lights Big Color

I think this shade will be perfect for summer and I can't wait to wear this every single day on my toes with some cute flip flops.
It's a pink coral with tons of fine gold shimmer. During the 8 days I wore this with no chipping (Ahhmazing right?! 8 days straight!!) my nails looked tangerine, bright pink, red-ish orange, and of course the shade it actually is... CORAL! I love it.
The application was amazing. It dried super fast, which is perfect for me because I am so impatient when it comes to letting my nails dry and frequently ruin my manicure.

I love this shade. I love O.P.I. I love my sister for getting this for me for Christmas.
And I can't wait to continue purchasing O.P.I. nail polishes. Even though they are more expensive than what I normally spend on polish, their fantastic quality make them worth the money!


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