Thursday, December 30, 2010

Things i LOVE today

i LOVE snow that makes it okay for me to be late for work in the morning

i LOVE kittens that wake me up from my nap by batting at my hair over the arm of the couch

i LOVE the excitement of a day off from work that makes everything after 3:00pm at the office a joke

i LOVE how big the family room is once you take the Christmas tree down

i LOVE my genius sister in law who got the virus off my computer that prevented me from blogging

i LOVE living in a small town where I get to watch escape artist cows run through four feet of snow alongside the highway like they are having the time of their lives

i LOVE the prospect of braving the snow and cold and frozen roads so I can spend a few days hanging out with my family

i LOVE my sweet husband who gets up early every morning and warms up my car, shovels the driveway, and makes me toast with my favorite bread

Happy New Year (:

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