Saturday, December 4, 2010

November Shopping Part 3: e.l.f. Haul #7

Apparently I have been craving e.l.f. lately because I did this order with my sister, my husband got an order the other day for me for Christmas, and I have 2 that are processing.... It's not my fault!! They have been having such good sales lately. This order I got 50% OFF all Eye products. My Christmas one was a Mineral sale I think, and I also ordered from a studio sale, and another Mineral sale. I'm addicted lol.
Tonight my husband and I went to his company Christmas party. They provided a delicious dinner and afterwards they had a big raffle for all the employees. My husband won some kind of power tool. Then all the women got this cute little gift basket with chocolates, a necklace, a purse charm, and a $30.00 B&BW gift card. I haven't been to B&BW in so long, I'm really looking forward to being able pick a few fun things. I think I will save it for their semi-annual sale. Isn't that usually the day after Christmas?!

Anyways, onto the fun e.l.f. goodies....

e.l.f. Studio Eye Transformer

I have been wanting this for quite some time, I found it so intriguing. Here is what they say on their website:
"Convert your shadows into brand new shades with these four opalescent shadows. Wear alone, under, over or in combination with your other makeup. The opal tones transform your dark color into a new shimmering hue."
I couldn't get a very good picture of this layers with another darker shadow but it really does look cool! It doesn't turn a black into neon green or anything dramatic but it gives the most amazing sheen of a different color. It's noticeable but very wearable. I'm really excited to play with this some more!!

e.l.f. Cream Eyeliner in Bronze and Metallic Olive

Bronze on the Left and Metallic Olive on the Right

Bronze on the Left and Metallic Olive on the Right
I'm no expert on cream eyeliners, but I really like using these. They apply very smoothly and the colors are so rich!

Studio matte eyeshadow in Baked Berry

In the container

This is such a soft berry purple with a hint of gray to it. I love it! The powder is so soft and blendable. I did learn something about this the hard way though, it is the exact same eyeshadow as the e.l.f. mineral eyeshadow in Mysterious. Exactly the same color. And they are both loose shadows.. Oh well. Mysterious is for Christmas so I won't get to swatch them next to each other until then, but I will post a picture. I'm feeling very cheated lol.

e.l.f. Single Eyeshadow in Sand Dollar

Pure white with the slightest shimmer
I had seen a lot of reviews about this shadow being great for highlight and inner corner. It totally is. It's nice, in my opinion, because it is slightly sheer and you don't have to worry about putting too much on. Just one swipe with your brush or finger gives the perfect amount of highlight.

e.l.f. Studio Cream Eyeshadow in Eggplant

Size compared the studio cream eyeshadow

Blended out and slightly out of focus so you can see the shimmer
I'm not usually one for cream eyeshadows but the packaging of these are so pretty I just had to get one. The texture is almost like liquid. It's so smooth, it applies like a dream. I really love this color, although it's nothing like an eggplant. There is so much dimension to it, I feel like it's a mauve, silver, with a tinge of bronze.

e.l.f. Mineral eye shadow

Pink, Glamorous. Brown, Wild.
Bronze, Caffeinated. Green, Earthy.

I don't know why it took me so long to try e.l.f.'s mineral eyeshadows but I love them! They are so pigmented and soft. My hubby got me six more for Christmas, and I ordered the last 3 I wanted with their 60% off sale that ends today. They are so pretty, I had to get more. :)

e.l.f. Professionals Shimmering Facial Whip Lilac Petal (Top) Toasted (Bottom)

Lilac Petal (Left) and Toasted (Right)

Blended out
I got Toasted for free with purchase and ordered Lilac Petal because I had heard such good things about it. I'm not disappointed. Lilac Petal is a perfect highlight. Toasted, at least for my skin color, is a subtle bronzing highlight.

e.l.f. Professionals Waterproof Eyeliner pen in Coffee and Plum and Clear Brown gel.

All of these are just backups or replacements of things I have shown in the past and totally love! I got them for $0.50 each, how cool is that!!

Those are all the fun e.l.f. things I got this time. I hope you saw something you liked.


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  1. The cream eyeliners look nice! I keep hearing good things about them, deffo need to look into them. Great haul!